I was having a discussion with my friends, while out, about the percentage of quality women out here in the DC area (and subsequently the percentage of quality men). It was 3 of us, and we all fall into the young Black Male Professional category and all work in the same industry. All of us were born here (DC or Maryland) and stayed around until at least high school. 2 of us went to college here. One went to school in Florida and came back.

We each had very different opinions on the actual percentage of quality women in the area. Personally, I said 8% in the entire area (yes … I know pessimistic … but I’m picky). One friend kindly stated that was too low, while the other went nuts. “Oh my God … what are you talking about … where are you living … how could you say only 8%”. He then rebutted with some insane 1 out of 2 women. This prompted both me and my other friend to laugh. The final quote (from my other friend) was 25% … or a modest 1 out of 4.

While I later revised my estimate to 15% … I refuse to believe there is more than that.

Then we started talking. Soon we realized that our definitions of “quality” varied greatly. Mr. H (as I’ll call him) and I both needed educated women (bachelor’s from a decent school at least), goal oriented, independent, and with a healthy obsession with making her own money and achieving a lot in life … ideally in the form of her own business. Mr. T (the guy saying 50%) said quality meant a woman who would stick with you during down times and cooked and clean. Thats it … thats all he needs … oh … he threw in degree at the end.

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Now I have a personal thing for intelligent women (so sexy). Generally, out of the past few girls I dated, over half had Master’s Degree’s (I only have 2 bachelor’s myself). Personally, I think the degree requirement already drops you below 50% around here. Don’t get me wrong, the Washington metropolitan area has one of the highest percentage of degree holding blacks in the nation, but I am counting all females I encounter. Also, Mr. T made the argument that if only 8% of black women were quality, then about 2% of black men were quality. A tough fact to swallow, but given incarceration rates and college enrollment rates, I agreed. I guess with my heavy emphasis on education, my figures are naturally going to be lower.

Anyways … the rest of the night was spent on the search for bucket heads (my endearing term for those truly outside the “quality” category) . By the end of the night, Mr. H and myself definitely proved the percentage to be below 50%. Also it became clear that Mr. T had stopped going to all the “hood” spots (which I still frequent) … so he was seeing a population that was filtered. I don’t go to slum or “hood” clubs a lot, but enough to meet a solid amount of bucket heads.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of quality girls out here (15% of several million is still several hundred thousand), but the search is not that easy. If it was, me and my friends would all have found wifey’s a long time ago.

Well … I won’t be deterred … not yet at least. But man … these bucket heads do come out in force!