Its generally a well known fact that girls often are highly attracted to and often flock to those “icky” guys.  Whats even more of a problem is that nice guys really are finishing last.  Assholes are in high demand, while nice guys fight over the few girls looking for them.  Now I will admit that this is something that plagues mainly young girls (21 & under) as opposed to the sophisticated women that I adore (24 & up).  Really, this topic is a whole post that I will have to write at another time, but it makes a good intro for today’s rant.

Back in college (only a few years ago for me), I was talking to a female friend (I have a very small number of these) about the subject, and she told me when it came to any guy, they had to pass the “Alley Test”.  I asked her to elaborate.  She said that any guy who was with her need to be able to walk down an alley with her at 3am and make her feel safe.  She also went on to elaborate about how most of the guys at our school just didn’t cut it.  They were just “too educated and stuff”.

Man … didn’t know if I should go crazy and curse her out … or tell her mom and have her bust her head until the white meat.

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WTF.  Why is it a smart brother can’t fight?  I’m smart, and I used to fight all the time.  I’m 6 foot, over 200 lbs, and have been known to have a short fuse.  In addition, I got 2 degrees know computers, how to program, and can tell you why you should have bought Google stock 2 months ago.  TRUST … if we’re walking down an alley, you can grab onto to my shoulder and not be scared.

But really … what is more important.  That I can fight when need be, or that my life goals, career, and job can provide for me and you.  How many times are we going to be walking through an alley at 3am?  You need to be thinking how many times we’re gonna go out and you don’t want the credit card to not come back declined?

I mean, this was one person, but I have even read articles talking about the same thing.  Apparently a lot of Black Women just are looking for the wrong things.  So sad.

Is the alley test valid now?  Is that what its important?  Do we as men need to let it be known we’re ready to get the swinging instead of our ability to provide and love?

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Please … let me know