To start things off … I don’t go around grabbing random asses.  I’m not saying I never did, but that was back in high school (ok … may have done it in college too … but only when liquor was involved).  But this post isn’t just about ass grabbing … its so much more.

My female friends (Only have 2 true female friends) and some acquaintances have continually spoken out against the “agressiveness” of guys when going to a club, lounge, or other “social” scene.  There are several actions that are listed as “unwarranted” and “extreme”, including but not limited to:

  • Grabbing ass (booty)
  • Grabbing and arm firmly and not letting go
  • Yelling loudly at you referring to some physical characteristic (“Hey you … in the pink … with the titties”)
  • Yelling loudly refering to articles of clothing (“Hey Parsucos!”)
  • Coming up really close (withint 4 inches of the face), with no introduction, to talk
  • Pulling one’s Penis out while dancing (True Story!)

And the list goes on …

So I am often asked “Why do you guys do that?  Its such a turn off and I would never entertain a guy that did that!!!”.  Well, I always have the same response.

Someone is reponding well to it … otherwise he wouldn’t do it.

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Yes, its that simple.  Not every girl has these standards of respect and acceptable behavior. There are a lot of women (often bucket heads) who respond favorably to it.  If every single girl hated it … no guy would do it!  Its a basic principal of economics and free markets, but you don’t need to know that to figure it out.  Guys don’t do what doesn’t work … how else do you explain the death of Jerry Curls, white Gators, and them Old school perms.

Also, the numbers game comes into play.  If your in a crowded after hours enviroment, as a guy, you are presented with more women than you can realistically talk to in the time given.  What better way to thin the crowds and find “Mrs. Right Now” than by doing something abrasive, then ignoring all the girls that react badly, and put in work on whoever doesn’t slap you.  Whoever is willing to have her ass grabbed and still entertain conversation … probably is lacking scruples, or at least is willing to put them on hold for now.  She might be the one to get in your car after one more drink!

In the end, for those of you truly against this behavior (which does taper off as the years go on … and diminishes at certain types of venues) there is one simple solution to ending it for good … stop responding to it and blatantly carry anyone who tries it … and then go tell all your friends to do the same.  If a guy can’t get some “play” from it … he’ll stop doing it.

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Part of me feels like this is common knowledge and I’m not saying anything new … but part of me feels like I hear the complaint too often for that to be true.

Ladies: Does the ass grab do it for you?
Fellas: Is the ass grab working for you?