Honestly, I hate being a groupie … but I was reading a post on Mr. Slish’s Blog and I swore I have never agreed with a single post so much. On his post he lays out 10 steps to get a man out here, and its just truth after truth.

I look in the comments, and someone suggests that he needs to add in something about girls keeping their legs closed. Mr. Slish disagrees apparently … but although I shouldn’t say this publicly … this commenter had a point. Go read his post, but I have to talk about this one added point.

Honestly, a quick beat is not a good start for a relationship. I know Andre 3000 in an interlude in “The Love Below” says that sleeping with a girl during the first night is not a turn off … but he’s on some other sh*t.

My friend The Antidater talks about a girl Respecting herself, and this is a form of respecting herself.

Don’t get me wrong … I love sex. And easy sex is great … but … I’m not marrying a one night stand.

One of the significant issues with doing too much too soon is simple … sex clouds the mind. I will draw from personal experience to drive this point home.

I got this girl’s number. We talked for several days. Conversation was great, she had a lot of the things I was looking for. I mean … it wasn’t the deepest of conversation, but everything seemed good … really good. There were some possible signs of “conflict” … but I didn’t care at that point. Anyway, we go on the first date … everything is good. I was feeling this girl. We end up making out that first date back in her place. I continued to advance a base or half a base every date, for about 5 dates. Soon, we were “there” … and I was convinced everything was great. Again … there were some major Fundamental Character Flaws I noticed with every interaction … but I was sure she was “the one”. Took me a few weeks to realize … but … I just liked the sex. And after it was finally said and done with, I had actually came to the conclusion that was the only reason I was entertaining her for the last few weeks of the “situation”. Sadly, our jump into intimacy had blinded me of what I was really feeling … nothing.

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Pussy is a powerful motivator. While it can keep someone around … he’s going to be around for the wrong reasons … and you know what … “You’z a Jumpoff“.

Last thing though … don’t hold out too long. I agree with the 3 date rule, as long as their real dates. All this “he has to be my boyfriend” and months of waiting will turn off a lot of guys and too often is unnecessary. Just like everything else … its a balancing act.

I know some guy is going to get on me for saying this … but damnit … I’m trying to educate women out here! If I can convert one bucket head … I’ve done a great thing!