I think a lot … but not every thought is worthy of an entire post. Here I will attempt to take some of the more interesting things floating in my head and share them with you.

– Something about the club is becoming less and less attractive. When I go, I can have fun, but I rarely do. In addition, I just don’t feel like trying to meet women here. Like the aura of buckethead is just so strong I can’t do it. I’ve written about why you can’t meet a girlfriend at the club, but I used to have fun … maybe I’m getting old.

– I think I want a girlfriend. Not sure yet … but I think “being single” is too time consuming.

– Having a girlfriend can be expensive. Its been awhile, but me and someone were talking about this recently. For a guy who wants to treat his girlfriend well, you have flowers, dates, dinners, trips, and if your simping … her rent too.

– Someone on “Def Comedy Jam” made a joke about women ruining “dumb conversations”. Guys can talk/argue for hours about the most random things, such as Superman vs. Batman, as soon as you bring a woman into the conversation … instant death. This happened to me when me and friends were discussing what would get more women … a Law Degree (not a lawyer yet) or a 46″ Plasma TV. After 15 minutes of discussion, we asked a female. “Thats stupid, what do you mean, etc”. Convo over!

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– Really though … what would get more women … the law degree or the plasma?. You would be surprised how many women don’t see the law degree as a major “attractor”.

– Dating is worst for men than women. A failed first date means the planning (I try and custom tailor each one), money, and time is wasted. For a woman, its just time, and at least you probably got a free meal out of it.