I Utterly Hate Valentine’s Day.

I know this is coming late, and I know this probably doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who reads my posts … but I utterly and truly hate the holiday. Let me count the reasons ….

  • It’s the epitome of commercial … does anyone even know who St. Valentine was?
  • The guy (male) is an afterthought. If we get anything … its sh*t.
  • The happiness of some (those in relationships) … come at the expense of others (the single and miserable)
  • Its one day to do things you were supposed to be doing all year long.
  • Uh … damn … I guess thats it.

Honestly, no one has any idea who St. Valentine was and the original story. I even went to Wikipedia to look up the story. Apparently the Catholic church actually banned the holiday because literally no one knew anything about the actual Saint. How did it get started again …? In 1840, US stationary company owner (read: CARDMAKER!) started it back up again. WTF …
Really, women know their man better come through with a big production, and men know if they do a decent job they will get a “reward” at the end of the night (Hot Sex). Too often the day isn’t even about showing your love, its about money and extravagance. A thoughtful caring well orchestrated gift is often overshadowed by the flashy, expensive, store bought diamond. I am a big fan of immensely personal gifts, not just something showing off my salary.

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The Holiday is completely aimed at women. My views on the inequality of dating in this century are well spoken about, but there is no equivalent for men as a holiday, and we always get short changed. I have never gotten even a half decent Valentine’s Day gift (sex doesn’t count) and I don’t expect to ever get one … sadly.

But …

I Love celebrating Valentine’s Day

Yeah … I know … crazy. I’ll try and explain this the best way I know how.

I have yet to be with a woman that doesn’t love Valentine’s Day. Every time I have had someone special to celebrate the holiday with, I spend weeks trying to take all the different things they like, and craft that into a special experience for them. It might not be 100 bouquets, or hundreds of diamonds, or a new car … but it always is exactly what they wanted (or so they tell me).

Honestly, thats the one thing I do like about Valentine’s Day is the chance to really do something special for someone else. I don’t think there is a need for a holiday just for this, and I do die a little bit inside when the gifts I get pale in comparison to the one’s I give … but I guess you could call me soft … because the sheer happiness in the eyes of the other person.

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So … in conclusion … I really and truly hate Valentine’s Day as a holiday. I don’t know how it came to be the commercial charade of a holiday paraded as a celebration for a Roman Saint (or several) … but I do enjoy any reason I get to show some special (and actually worth it) how I really feel.