As I was roaming around the web checking blogs, I came across this one post entitled “Do guys really want an old-fashioned wife?”, and I couldn’t help but think about my posts on Stay At Home Wives and the Death of Chivalry. One quote that I loved was:

What I’m seeing is that women are the ones that want to be old fashioned – the stay-at-home-mom and housewife – while men seem to want their wife to have some sort of marketable skill and to help out with the family finances.

Apparently SBM isn’t so crazy after all. Sure, it was just a question posted to a forum and this is just another blog, but I think the idea that there is a significant and widespread shift in the expectations of men and women and age old gender role definitions is well supported by this.

And for certain people, *cough* Comeback Girl *cough*, that the ways of our grandmothers … isn’t the way we live … and its not the way our kids will live.

Hey … or maybe I’m just too “new school”.