Sometimes I feel like I don’t write enough about me.  While my aim is to share theories, concepts, arguments, and ideas on relationships and dating in a biased (yes … biased) but universally applicable form … I think I need to let everyone know about me every once in awhile.

For those who read my posts and comments, I probably come off in a “certain light”.  People probably think I’m overly picky about women, going through their backgrounds with a fine tooth comb, looking for potential problems, and double checking their credit score and the accreditation of their last school or complaining about how their are so few good women out here.  I bet people also think I’m this cold & ruthless “b*tches aint sh*t” type of guy.  I’ve spoke out about my hatred of simps, the fact that chivalry is kind of dead, and my love of independent women … and this might make me out to be a “bad” guy, but I’m going to take some time to set the record straight.

First … about me being picky.  F*ck yes I’m picky!  Looks have never been important enough for me to lament over, but if you don’t have things right in your life, I’m not the person to “build you up”. I like my women independent, working, smart, and strong-minded (while being open to criticism).  But thats not what this post is about … cause that’s true!  But you may be surprised to know that

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I know someone is reading this and is saying “HA!  Between him and Anitdater … where can you find more Misogyny”. But I tell you … its true.  And the single biggest reason for me being so picky is that I’m want to make sure I’m not putting all my love and energy (cause my gf’s always get a lot from me) into someone who just isn’t worth it in the end.

I like to give her random gifts.
I like to get her something they like as opposed to whats on sale.
I hate flowers … but if she does … I like to surprise her with her favorite kind and color.
I like giving her a massage … not because I’m gonna get some … because she looks so peaceful when I’m done.
I like cooking a meal for her … just because.
I like meeting her for lunch … becuase it gives me something to smile about for the rest of the day.
I like to look in her eyes when we talk … it makes me feel closer to her.
I like it when she says “I’ve never done this before … but I loved it”.
I like it when she says “Thank you … that was so sweet”.
I like to here her friends say “He’s so nice”.
I like to rub her shoulder when I sit next to her … so I know she is still there.
I like the look of haters not taking care of their women … saying I’m making them look bad.
I like to go down on her … because I like the way she looks into my eyes afterward and the smile on her face.
I like to complement you … because I mean it and you should know you look good.

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Basically … I like to do all that stuff … for the right person.

When I think of some of the selfish, arrogant, stuck up, stupid, ghetto, uninformed and stubborn females that have received this type of attention … it feels me with an anger that has fueled some of my posts.

I don’t know why I suddenly felt the need to share that … but hopefully it will put some of my other stuff into perspective.

BTW … I lost no bet and this isn’t fabricated … for those hating!