I’m actually sick and it kind of sucks. I won’t go into the specifics, but if I don’t feel better tomorrow, the doctor is going to be called. So if this post is lacking … blame it on the illness.

Missing work led to a discussion with a former interest of mine about being sick and caring for another person. I made a strong argument that one reason we didn’t work out is because she didn’t care for me when I was sick.

Early on when we were dating, she got a little cough and asked me to come care for her. I got some soup and orange juice and tried to make her feel good.

A few weeks later when I found myself a little sick, I called her for assistance. I told her I needed someone to “nurse me to health” … she chuckled and started talking about something else … giving me some BS excuse about why she couldn’t do it.

This wasn’t the last incident … but it was the first time her selfishness became apparent.

She wasn’t my girlfriend, but all the time I spent with her … you wouldn’t have been able to tell.  Are you only expected to nurse somebody if their your official boyfriend or girlfriend?  I figure … if you sleep over more than 3 times in any week … then you can bring me some chicken soup.

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Was I wrong for asking her to make me feel better? Doesn’t asking someone for something and refusing to return the favor define selfishness? Was I asking too much?