Jay Z: The Bad Guy


I can be often heard professing examples of how nice of a guy I am. I have attempted to expose my soft and romantic side to the world. I have suppressed the jaded anger that I have accumulated over the years. I have tried to be nice … but no matter what … I guess I will always be the bad guy.

Before I continue … this is dedicated to my sister by another mother … The Comeback Girl … because I just can’t win.

A comment from my recent post made me think, as a Single Black Male, I don’t get a break. I came to this conclusion back in college, and as time goes on … it has gotten better … but we continue to get blamed for the negative actions of our counterparts … until we transform into them … seeing no benefit in being “good”. When I say we … I mean us “good” guys … the nice ones.

Lets examine the transformation of the “nice guy”.

He starts out on a search for a queen. He knows that any black woman worth his time must be wooed and have her car door opened. He must pursue and chase her … to show his interest. Sure … he hasn’t found her yet … but he is undeterred and has found some “potentials” … even after getting crushed by some former interests.

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Soon … he gets a little dejected. It seems that many of these “potential queens” seem to have baggage. They seem to expect him to treat them bad, sleep with them and not call, and overall disrespect them. The more he tries to prove to them he is different, they say “bullsh*t”. They tell him “Your no different”. But he continues on.

Now he can’t take it anymore. He is tired of trying so hard and having women blame him over and over again for the wrongdoings of blatantly bad guys. He hates that these guys who are misogynistic, disrespectful, mean to women … and yet gets more women then him. What to do … ?

The transformation is complete. He is not the asshole that every woman claims to hate, yet is so attracted to. He simply realized its easier to be bad, and he will get more women.

Another good guy gone bad.

Its a shame we get blamed for the actions of our counterparts. Not even all Germans are blamed for the act of the Nazi’s … and we have reached a point where we don’t blame every white person for slavery … but … guess we don’t get a break.