Every once in awhile I need to vent and get some things off my chest. So … here is my rant.

  • I think my hatred for simping has increased. I understand “different strokes for different folks” … but f*ck that. It has ripple affects throughout the whole “dating economy” and I don’t think there is a stimulus package that can fix that one.
  • I heard someone say “spitter’s are quitters” in relation to women and head. This is utterly random that I remember this … but maybe there is some truth to it. Think about it.
  • I rarely meet new women. Not that I am trying to right now, and maybe its because I didn’t go out much during the winter (I hate the cold) … but most women I have dated I met under special circumstances or were friends of friends.
  • There is a lot to be said about dating a friend’s friend. You get all kinds of inside information you wouldn’t usually get. Also, they can usually give you the heads up if this person is crazy or not. The true problem arises when you like the person but your friend deems her “undatable” … or even worst … your friend already beat.
  • The motorcycle season is starting up … and I’m itching to get back on my baby more often. What is it about motorcycle riders that some women love? And why is it that a woman on her own bike just looks so damn sexy to me!!!
  • Someone mentioned its good I got a bike while I am young, because no woman is going to marry me and let me keep my motorcycle. Hmmmm … let me keep it. At the time I agreed … but really … would I be willing to give up something I love (at least for now) so much in order to appease her? Is this a question I should add to my list of things I need to know before I propose?
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As usual … rantings aren’t spell checked or proof read. Feel free to disagree, agree, or curse me out …

Update: 11:00 am – 5/2/08

  • I forgot to mention … Xbox can really trump p*ssy in some cases.  It will rarely trump fellatio (because I don’t have to stop playing the game … lol … jk) because fellatio is a double winner.  You get sexual satisfaction and you feel appreciated all at the same time (plus you don’t have to do any work).  This is in response to a comment a few days back.