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An acquaintance of mine has a dillema, and I wanted to know what you & the readers thought of this:

Her husband, went to Black Bike Week in South Carolina. Fast forward a few weeks later, and she gets a forwarded email with a link to a picture website. This website happens to have pictures of her husband at a party, and pics of him hanging out with random girls. He doesn’t have on his wedding ring in any of the pics, in some of the pictures he’s watching some really raunchy booty dancing (not participating though), and in another pic he’s hugged up with a pregnant girl and holding her belly. How do you respond to this? If this was your situation would you get upset? She has two kids and is determined to keep her family together, so he frequently gets a pass for doing stupid things. Her thought process is, that since the pictures don’t show him kissing or doing anything really raunchy with any girls, that she should just internalize it and drop it.

I don’t know what to tell her…I tend to run from this type of drama.

As a two time black bike week veteran, this one seems pretty cut & dry.

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I wouldn’t take it to serious and your “friend” (funny how its always a friend) should bring it up to her husband, but I don’t think she should be too mad or upset about it. The only picture with him and another woman include a pregnant woman. The picture probably was subtitled with “Look at this mess … a pregnant girl at bike week” not “Damn … I want me some of that” (BTW … if you have the picture … I would love to see it). Also, with the “booty dancing”, he wasn’t participating. Similar to a stip club I would say, but he wasn’t paying and wasn’t touching. And lets be real … was he supposed to look away?

So in conclusion, I would tell her to ask about them in a joking manner and judge his response, but I have been down there with friends who have girlfriends. They both knew what was “too much” and acted accordingly. They were drunk and with their male friends in the crazy atmosphere of black bike week, but none came back with a story that they couldn’t tell their girlfriends (well … one kinda … but he literally ran once “too much” started happening).

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