Well family … its been a crazy week in the comments section for those of you who follow it … its also been a crazy week at work. So … to end the week … I need to rant and vent.

  • For anyone who missed it … comments section took a turn for the worst right around the infamous “Three F’s” post. As anyone can tell you, I don’t have the time or energy to moderate, watch, and get involved with all of these comments (n***a got a job). I just hope anyone hurt who felt they had to leave realizes I love all of them, but … I respect if people felt the need to “take a break” from the SBM fam.
  • I think I need a girlfriend again. Maybe this time a biker chick.
  • I have two significant female friends in my life. The more I think about it … the more I wonder how I manage to do it. I don’t have emotions (nope … not even Bambi made me cry) … so I wonder how they put up with me. One even told me “You’re not compassionate enough”. I responded “My dick won’t let me. Besides … thats what you have other female friends for”.
  • Have you ever been attracted to a female that you wouldn’t find attractive physically, but there is some other innate quality and you just see them all the time. I had a Teacher’s Aide in college who taught an Economics class. She wasn’t even cute … but she knew so damn much about finance. At some point I would ask her to write on the board so I could stare at her ass … her flat ass too. Does that count as Stockholm Syndrome (she had me captive in class … right)?
  • I think my 4th greatest fear in life is that I will never understand the female mind. I will marry a woman, love her intimately, and live partially to make her happy … but I won’t understand a damn thing that goes through her mind.
  • Why is it women hate other women? Is it genetic, social, or just a big ass coincidence? Not every women hates other women, but its enough that I can make this statement and feel justified.
  • So … several women in my lifetime have admitted their crazy. I heard a long time ago that one major component of being crazy is that you think your not crazy. Does this mean that even though she make no f_cking sense that she isn’t crazy? What a conundrum.
  • Barack in 08!!!!!!!
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Revel me with your own personal rantings. Its Friday. You mentally checked out yesterday and I know I’m not the only one who wants to think out loud for the world.