This isn’t a full post as much as it is a request.  As always … depending on the collective wisdom of you … my peoples.

I am in the works of conducting a thought provoking and interesting experiment in music and social behavior.  Well … I think its all those things.

Anyways, as a result I need to fill my ipod with good, emotion provoking, and non sex based (read: Jodeci) R&B music.  Since I don’t listen to R&B (I mean I can barely tell you what R&B is on the radio at this point) … I am looking for suggestions, recommendations, and the “OMG … you gotta get this”.

My collection so far is limited, but includes:

  • Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (My favorite R&B album of all time … maybe because she is a rapper)
  • Alicia Keys – The Diary of Alicia Keyes
  • Alicia Keys – Unplugged
  • Beyonce – Dangerously in Love
  • Mya – Moodring
  • R Kelly – The R in R&B
  • T-Pain – (IDK the name)
  • Brooke Valentine – (IDK the name)

I think thats all the major ones.  I know what my first recommedation is going to be by my favorite person making a “Come Back”, so I got one.

Also, anyone with access to the screwed and chopped “Sux Action” series or the Swishahouse “Srraight to the Room” series of slowed & throwed R&B … hit me up … we need to arrange a transfer.

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What should I get?  Who’s Hot?  Whats classic?  What should I delete and never listen to again?

Ya boy needs help …