Its Friday yet again … time for me to let some things off my chest.

  • Work is killing me … I think my health is deteriorating again. There was this project, I thought “Hey … this project will run about a month, and it will look really good if I manage it … so what if its a little more work”. Well … that was about 3-4 months ago. Project is going great, and people love it … but the idea of me managing others still is just nuts. This is why I don’t comment as much … a brother is working … hard!
  • BTW … as a result … brotha just got promoted.
  • This makes me think about balancing work and a relationship. How do you balance attempting to take over the world while making sure your woman is fulfilled completely?  Does something have to suffer, or do you just magically do it all?
  • Obama and his wife.  Is she really cool with it all?  Is she really the supportive black woman that she portrays on TV, or does she really feel neglected?  I kind of think he does out and attempts to personally rewrite history, and then she proceeds to let him know that he aint sh*t without her … or says “lick me b*tch”.  IDK … I just foresee it.
  • I really love girls from the south.  I’ve said this before, but figured I needed to say it again.
  • I have a subscription to the Economist and do read it on the regular (one of my degrees is in Economics).  Kind of insulted someone questioned this because I like my music Chopped & Screwed.  I tell ya … ignorance … it holds us back.
  • To address the issue of the “butter-face”, I would beat the brakes off it … but nothing more.  I couldn’t see myself seriously dating someone I would have to squint at to look in the face … but … that banging body could get pleased.  Gotta be honest …
  • I am pretty big in stereotyping.  Hell … girls from different regions get different treatment … but I’ll be damned if I’m changing … I stand by my stereotypes (except white women and head … Life has shown me that there are some forms of racial equality).
  • I think I’m getting soft … I’ll elaborate some other time … but just know that its a problem.
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So … I’m not selfish … I love you all … my familia.  I want everyone to clear their throat.  Let loose all those random things on your chest that need a public forum.