“You know I want to be with you.  You know I want to put that ring on your finger, give you the moon, the stars, the world … but I can’t.”
“Why can’t you?”
“My job … my career … my goals!  I don’t want to come to you half accomplished”
“But I don’t care about that stuff”

This conversation has played throughout history.  Its been played out on sitcoms.  Exemplified in movies.  There are articles on it.  Dads and Moms have been asked about this countless times by their offsprings.  Its an age old question with a simple answer.

Can I manage my career and life goals while being committed to another person?

Answer: Uhhhh … kinda … maybe

A little about me …

I am very career and goal oriented.  When people ask me what I want out of life, I literally respond with “I want to rule the world” and then follow up with “I have to be the black Bill Gates”.  I started drafting company ideas in high school, I read about the great tech leaders of our time for fun, and I’m addicted to learning and hope to pick up about 3 more degrees before I leave this world.

So … this topic hits close to home.  Questions I have asked myself:

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“Can I manage a fortune 500 company and still give my wife the world?”
“Suppose I get a great opportunity in Tokyo, do I have to consider the fact my girlfriend won’t move?”
“If I have to work 80 hour weeks, will my ‘boo’ be mad?”
“Will I ever care enough about someone else to put my own goals on hold?”

Honestly, I still haven’t been able to answer any of them.  I just don’t know.  At times I feel like I’m just being selfish.  At times I’m like “f* that … gotta do me first”.  Sometimes I just can’t think about it because its late and I’m already 15 minutes behind my personal deadline. Will the success of a family be enough?  Is it better to attain all of my outlandish goals at the expense of Mrs. SBM?

Decision … Decisions.

I remember a friend in college … got an offer with Microsoft.  His girlfriend made it clear “I’m not moving to Seattle (Redmond to be exact)” … and he didn’t go.  At the time I thought “that’s the stupidest sh*t I’ve ever heard! Stop being soft and take that position!” … but he didn’t … and he’s doing extremely well still (with a new gf too).

I know I know the first thing I’m gonna hear “well … just pick the right person who will support you in everything you do” … please.  That would and possibly will be great … but can’t always count on that.  Other people have their own jobs, house, money, goals … and if their no in tune with mine … someone has to win.  So … lets not just assume there is some perfect Michelle Obama out there … let that inner pessimist out.

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At the end of the day … something is gonna happen.  Guess there is no point in sweating over it now … right?

Any pearls of wisdom for this troubled 20-something? Any “n*gga stop crying” or “f* these b*tches” for me?