Its Friday .. so time for me to get some things off my chest.

  • Sometimes I fear I’m gonna have to sell, close, or scale back on this blog to keep my sanity.  I can live with the time commitment … but dealing with all this drama is draining.  I tell ya … just saps at your soul to watch your own people bicker and then have one in particular label you an instigator … go figure.
  • My birthday is soon approaching.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I have been told I should embrace it and enjoy the fact that I’m getting older … but f* that … I’m still trying to be young and dumb for a little longer.
  • Apparently there have been some allegations flying around her about me (of course only from one person).  If it didn’t annoy me so much … I think I would die laughing.  I guess its like Kat Williams said … everyone needs hater’s to let them know their doing well.  As he said “If you got 14 [people] hating on you … you shouldn’t be complaining … you need to figure how to be at 16 by the end of the summer.”  Here’s to picking up a few more.
  • Apparently a friend of mine has trouble telling people he has a girlfriend.  I don’t know why … its so easy.  “Hey … they got free pizza in the break room”.  “Really?! I should take a slice for my girlfriend”.  I mean … your average conversation gives you a million and one instances to drop that tidbit.  Who knows … maybe its just me.
  • I want a really really great bachelor party when I get married.  I don’t believe in infidelity or cheating … but its needs to tsunami in the strip club (or wherever we are).  So far I’m thinking a hotel suite, a whole bunch of chicken, more liquor than any group of people could consume, and a whole team of strippers representing 5 of the great states known for stripping (all in the south)!
  • Who thought of the cumshot in porn?  I mean … I will actually argue a lot of stuff isn’t actually degrading (strip clubs included) … but who thought to end every porn scene with a guy cumming on a girl’s face?  Even I gotta think … damn.
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That’s it from me … now I want to hear from you.  Whats bothering you, annoying you, making you happy, consuming your thoughts, or just in your head right now?