“Man you hear that new Raheem Duvan joint”
“You catch that new Ne-yo song … its hot”
“I know you heard that new Chris Brown one about being in love to the point you cry.  Joint had me crying last night and everything.  Its fire!”
“Naw man … I don’t listen to that soft sh*t.  Looking at you crying over a damn song”
“I’m just sayin …”

I know everyone loves Rythm & Blues (R&B).  I know it touches the soul.  I know hours could be spent discussing the best songs of the past year, decade, or century.  I know it plays constantly on every major urban radio station.  I know all of these things … and still … I say to eveybody

F*ck R&B!

I just can’t get with it.  I’m sick of hearing songs about the same sad and sorry stuff.  I’m tired of hearing some guy cry about the girl he lost or is losing.  I’m tired of someone who is being cheated on and just can’t take it anymore telling the whole world about their heartbreak instead of addressing it.  I’m tired of choreographed dance moves, hearts in waterfalls, shirtless negros gliding across stages, and all the softness and shrink wrapped “emotions” being sold.

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I’m barely old enough to remember … but I remember R&B being called “soul music” at one time.  I remember how this genre had a soul once … and sadly its gone.  Therefore I don’t support it as a genre … and will continue to be willfully ignorant of new R&B artists and songs.

There are a few “contemporary” artists I have generally been able to listen to … here are some of them.

Lauryn Hill (maybe because she is a rapper too)
Alicia Keyes (So fine)
Musiq Soulchild
(Don’t know … but I connect with “Teach Me”)
Anthony Hamilton (idk …)
D’ Angelo (I remember listening to him when he first came out)
Jodeci (I mean … they were nasty as hell)
Jill Scott (I like em thick)
Erykay Badu (I feel her hip-hop influence)
John Legend (“Baby when I used to love you” … finally something real and not soft)

And that’s all I can really think of.  Classics like Marvin Gaye or Al Green are too good to be listed with anyone this contemporary … so they go without mentioning (although I don’t listen to them on the regular).

Another problem I have with R&B is the fits of bitchassness it seems to invoke.  Some guys just turn into these pathetic messes that are so dependent on women.  I just can’t support this.

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Now … I will say R&B has taught me some things.  In particular, Musiq Soulchild’s views on love (in some cases) click well with mine and I just feel him in some of his stuff.  Listening to Teach Me (Chopped & Screwed of course) has helped me through some troubling times and has allowed me to soften my tough exterior at times.  Generally, neosoul is the only place I really see any hope.

And for the record, if anyone claims its because of my young age or that I will “grow into it” … I’m gonna choke you!  I actually liked it a lot more when I was younger.

And to this end … I will be listening to R&B for the rest of this week.  I want to see how it affects my overall mood and disposition to the fairer sex, and if I can actually make it without throwing up in my mouth a little bit.  Thats why I asked for solicitations a few posts again.

May God have mercy on my soul and poor ears …