Its Friday … time for my weekly rant.

  • I like Three 6 Mafia.  I like screw music.  So when I got the new Three 6 Mafia album in screwed form … I was in heaven.  I listened to that album like 6 times straight in one day.  I got so much accomplished … it was nuts.
  • So I attempted to listen to nothing but R&B this week … and failed.  I started with John Legend, and things were good.  He sings about real things (cheating mainly) and it was nice not so see someone not singing that softness.  Tried to follow him with Alicia Keys … made it through like 4 songs before I started to get nauseous.  Then did Musiq … somehow made it through.  Lyfe Jennings was recommended, so did that.  Then someone (Ms. D) sent me a playlist online … that was painful and marked the failure (this was around day 3).  I made it through about 5 songs before realizing the site had real music.  Soon I was listening to “Put On for My City” and forgetting my whole experiment.
  • Listening to R&B was putting me in a horrible mood.  I realize you just gotta listen to what you like.  As a result … Three 6.
  • Amorosa went on Wendy William’s show and claimed “I rather be an Angry Black Woman than a bufoon”.  Not sure how I feel about that one.  Perpetuating this classic Angry Black Women stereotype is not a good thing.  When will they learn?!
  • I’m a kisser.  I love it. Something is really really enjoyable about kissing a woman … and its even better if I actually like her.
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That’t it.  What are your rants?