I mentioned last week (or maybe two weeks ago) I would be listening to R&B in order to see what changes it had on my mood and personality.  Sad to say … after about 3 days nonstop I was looking my mind and had to stop … but while doing it I managed to re discover the greatness that is John Legend.

With the craziness of this past weekend … I did manage to find some time to listen to this album once again and found myself eerily connecting with this one song.  Initially I was drawn to it because it featured Snoop Dogg … but as his intro faded and Mr. Legend came in with the keys … but I was already drawn in.

Snoop …

Hey yo nephew check this out man
Now I know you got that bad chick right there
You aint even tripping off of her
But she doing all of that for you
She got this, she got that
She’s off the hizzle
I mean when you find one like that
You got to make that change man
Cuz they don’t come too often
And when they do come
You gotta be smart enough to know when to change

Is this one of the most prolific, time tested, and well known gangster rappers preaching of changing … for a woman.

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Whoa …

I listened to the rest of the song … and it stood in contrast to a lot of what I believed or preached.  Change for a woman?  Alter myself for someone else?  Bend my principles for the satisfaction of another … surely you jest!

But as I sat and listened … it all made sense.  There is no reason to let someone get away who deserves a new and improved you because your holding onto a list of principles you drafted in high school after watching a Luke video and thinking like Pimp C that “B*tches aint sh*t”.  The truth is … gotta grow up at some point.

So … with another year under my belt … I think I’m finally ready to change.  I’ve always been good … but I guess its time to be great.  This all of course is only for the right person … not your average stuck up, overly demanding, “I aint cooking sh*t”, “suck your own dick”, emasculating, no good and selfish scallywag (yeah … motherf*ckin scallywag) … but for that Nubian (in my case), “hold me down”, cook grits for you in the morning (although cream of wheat is far superior), rub your back, kiss your forehead, and make you feel like a man type of woman.  I might have found her too (I lucked out) … but we’ll see what happens (change don’t come easy).

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So … can you, should you, and would you change?


P.S. … I couldn’t find a chopped & screwed version.