Making Love: A passionate and emotionally charge fit of sexual intercourse. Often contains a feeling of union between the individuals and ends in mutual sexual satisfaction. Performed between two people with strong emotional attachment.

F*cking: Placing a penis into a vagina.  Repeating until someone (or both parties) orgasm, get tired, or just don’t feel like it anymore.

Personally … I am a love maker.  I like to kiss … I like to sleep with people I have a emotional attachment too … and I enjoy all the little details and touches that go into making it all a memorable event.  Goes back to me being a hopeless romantic I guess.

I might be worst than your average person.  When I get really into it … I go all out.  Candles in her favorite scent.  Rose pedals on the bed.  The same R&B I can’t stand playing in the background … all that good sh*t.

Then the act.  I’m not gonna rush … ohhhh no.  I like to worship a woman’s body.  Let her know that my inevitable release is the last thing on my mind.  Make sure she knows how beautiful she is to me.  Let her know that this isn’t mere sex.  Make her and this moment burn into her memory … and make sure to pleasure all her senses.

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Oddly enough … this same thing has gotten me in trouble.

For a long time I just couldn’t find a true place for a good f*ck.  “What do you mean your tired, its only been 90 minutes”.  “Grab your hair … I wanna run warm bath water down your back”.  “But how can I look at you if your bent over?” (ok … thats I lie … I’ve always loved doggie).  Yeah … apparently doing too much too often just isn’t good.

So while my heart always will lust for those hours long sessions with deep passionate kissing and looking longingly into the eyes of my lover … I have finally figured out that 20 minutes on top of a table in a hotel room is whats really needed some of the time.  Sometimes that quickie is all we both really need.

I think it was all those black love scenes in movies.  Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Love Jones!  Warped a young brother’s head.

So to all those in my past looking for fast & hard and got soft and long … my bad.  I got better.

Do you always need that soul touching love making or can just “breaking that back” suffice?