So I was roaming around youtube and found this clip off an NBC news segment about interracial dating.


Apparently women are finding opening more and more to interracial dating.  One big motivator is that there is just a lack of “good men” at the higher rungs of the corporate ladder for these successful black women.  Apparently we’re just not “keeping up”.

Over at I Date White they talked about black women’s love for black men … so apparently its not to epidemic proportions yet.

Personally, I don’t care.  Love who you want.  If I date a white woman, don’t judge me.  If your dating a white guy … well you probably haven’t met me yet (jk) … but good for you.  I hate anyone that will promote any race outside of their own for whatever (usually stereotypical reasons) … but at the end of the day … to each their own.

Feel me?