It has been a CRAZY ass week.  So you know I got plenty to get off my chest.

  • This f*cking site is giving me an ulcer.  The amount of time I am spending in the comments section, in addition to the sleep I rob myself updating and running this one man show is stressing me the f*ck out.  If anyone … anywhere … is interested in helping, collaborating, something … let me know.  The email is and I’m open to whatever right now.
  • On Wednesday I had a post called “Something New” and by a sheer coincidence Black Femme Fatale had a similar post by the name of “Something new? Who knew?”.  One of the people I love to hate the most accused me of stealing the topic and then refusing to link to it.  Well, thats not true, the movie was popular, and it was really just a coincidence.  Needed to set that straight.  I’m not blog jacker!
  • I flirted with the idea of closing the site down.  I do everything here myself and hold down a demanding 9 to 5 (5 if I’m lucky) on top of it.  This is a lot of work and its gotten bigger than I thought.  I am dedicated to keeping this up and running, but don’t be mad if I’m not in the comments section as much as you would like.
  • We are all f*cking adults here.  Why is it that people expect me to come and police sh*t all the time?  This isn’t the streets and no one has a gun.  I would like to think we as adult black people could get along on a blog.  Its done elsewhere … why not here.
  • Since motherf*ckers can’t get along though … there is now a “The Rules” page that will outline my rules.  Its open for suggestions  … but what is up there goes.  I’ve been a real pussy about blocking people and stuff … but that sh*t is done with.  I don’t care if the comments dry up, I don’t care if you and your mama get mad … I just don’t care.  I didn’t start this site to display the hostility and drama in our community … I came with a much higher purpose.  Motherf*ckers act up … motherf*ckers getting blocked.
  • Me and my girl broke up.  This site is not the sole reason … but a big one.  Forgive me if I hate all of you for helping to run off the person I love (yes … I love this chic).  It really wansn’t meant to be, we rushed into things without acknowledging how different we were … but my kids and grandkids will hear her name and how she ushered in a new “I can change” era in my life.  This woman has forced me to do better … and for that I really do thank her (although she hates me).  So … as soft, punk bitch, and simpish it sounds … I still love you.
  • I think I really formed an ulcer today.  Someone told me they had one at my age last night.  I now am officially worried about my health.
  • I am really never ever telling someone I date about this site.  Also, if you do have a blog and a woman … make sure their is a clear line drawn between the two that is well understood.  And don’t let one mad n*gga go f*cking up your situation.  I hope the one “mad person” here heeds my talk to him and does the right thing.
  • I don’t even know if I’ll read the comments today.  I think I got bigger things to worry about.
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Rant if you want … I don’t give f*ck.  Read “The Rules” and don’t get your ass banned … in a bad mood and work is getting out of control.  Be happy people … stop all this bullsh*t.

Oh … and to the readers that don’t read the comments … your the smart ones!