Just to lighten things up … I figured I would take some time to write about something I love in this world.  Something that brings me great joy and happiness in my life.  Something that just talking about gives me that warm feeling inside.

I’m talking about breasts …

Yes … breasts!

“But SBM … aren’t you a black man?!  Don’t you love booty”.  Well … I do like booty … but I love breasts.

This has been a constant point of argument amongst my friends.  I mean I’m like this living anomaly with them.  They all seem to unanimously agree about the greatness of asses over breasts … but I just don’t see it.

So … in classic SBM fashion … let me share with the world just a few of the reasons I adore, admire, and enjoy … those beautiful Betty Boopers


You have teardrop shaped ones.  You have big and full.  You have saggers.  You have nice and perky.  In addition to that you have the areolas … offering ever more change and variation.  Throw nipple variations into the mix, and you have a virtual infinite possibilities. I can’t speak for everyone … but I like options!  You got about 4 shapes of ass … and thats it.

They sit right below the face

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To get a peek at a girl’s ass, she has to turn around or be looking sideways.  The breasts are presented right after the smile.  Its like “Hi, my name is Pamela.  These are my two friends”.  In addition, you are never surprised by a buttaface.  How many times have you seen booty that makes you double take … only to see a face that makes your eyes start to tear up … too many times to count.  No surprises with breasts.  Also, when making love … I can see her face and whatever freaky thing she is doing with your tongue … in addition to her glory bouncing up and down.

Funner to play with

You can squeeze em together, pull em apart, put something in between them, play with nipples, trace the areola … the list goes on for days.  A butt can be smacked, grabbed, and rubbed.  If I’m missing something … let me know.

They get more attention

From the beginning of time breasts have gotten more attention.  There were push up bras, then came tissue stuffing, then came plastic surgery.  Only recently have I started to hear about ass implants … and that’s it.  Fine … I’ll count Parasuco jeans back when they were hot …

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So … thats it.  No anger inciting post.  Nothing to get everyone riled up.  I love breasts and the whole world should know!

To all the women out there smuggling midgets in their back side … SBM loves you too … but you those busting out for the world with them sweater kittens … I think SBM loves you just a little more.

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