If most of you haven’t noticed … I often take Thursdays as my day of rest … but I hate the fact it leaves this whole in the week.  This site often keeps me going through the day … so these thursday lulls (although I kinda sorta get more work done) aren’t desirable.

So … I want to hear from you, your friends, your lovers, your cousin with the funny eye, and fellow bloggers.

Ever had something you wanted to get out but had no site of your own?

Ever had a really good conversation with your friends about dating that you wanted to get the opinion of another coupe hundred people on?

Ever think “This b*tch ass ninja SBM aint sh*t!  I could write way better stuff then him”?

Well … here is your chance (and it better be some hot sh*t if your the last one).  I want to start highlighting other writers and blogs on thursdays.  If you have something out there you already wrote and meshes well with the site, tell me and I’ll put the post here and a link back to your site and content.  Got something new and original you want out there … send it in and I’ll give you credit and links back to your home or business.

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I have already gotten some stuff and just gotta shift and work it out.  But Ima get around it … stop pressin me!

So … sbm@singleblackmale.net is the email address.  Let me know what you got and if your interested.

Generally looking for about 300-500 words and it needs to be based on dating, relationships, marriage, and all that good sh*t.  I am a mean sumbitch … but I’ll try and be nice if I can’t use it.  Try …

Comeback tomorrow for the world renowned (YEAH … WORLD!) Friday “Rantings of an SBM” and come share with the family.