I am a huge advocate of education, especially higher education, and I strongly support any college fund program that aims to make it accessible. We already know that Educated Black People Rule, but this push comes from the fact that it’s what I believe will empower my people as a whole. It’s important.

Taking Action Beyond Words

So … I do several things to make sure I’m not just talking but acting.  With my fraternity (A Phi A … recognize) I have volunteered to teach and mentor “troubled” high school kids.  I have volunteered with a local mentoring program near me (working with 4th graders) … and Big Brothers Big Sisters is the next step.

A Source of Pride

But … with all this work I do … there is one thing that I am particularly proud of.  There is one thing that I do that helps me directly contribute to the well-being and future of African Americans in dire need.  It brings me great joy and I encourage you to all participate in this movement.

Supporting College Fund Program

So what is it that I do … I make it rain!

Yes, the college fund program has been helping strippers across the US and Puerto Rico pay for college tuition, covering expenses like tuition and books. We all know during the daylight that strippers are crazed sex fiends full-time college students, like in “Player’s Club”.  So … we must support these hard-working and educationally-minded individuals.

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Challenging Stereotypes

I know there is going to be someone here saying “Strippers aren’t all in college” or “That’s just a lie they make up”.  Blasphemy!  I went to a strip club once with a friend in another college.  He saw a girl who was in his biology class. We placed a few dollars on her “special place” and let her and her friend give us a private show.

Encouraging Participation in College Fund Donation

Where is our recognition?  Where is my plaque?

So, I want you to all go out tonight and start your college fund program.  Sure … its a thankless job, but when that struggling young girl looks into your eyes as you place money for a new pencil into her g-string … you will be filled with that inner pride that I experience regularly.

I might go and donate tonight …