Friday and I got plenty to rant about.

  • Work has been nuts this week.  I mean really really crazy.  Won’t go into any details, but I’ve been racking up the hours.
  • I really think I have formed an ulcer.  After reading the symptoms and talking to other people who know of young people with ulcers … I am convinced that I have a peptic ulcer.  No worries … supposedly they can heal themselves.  Already made the doctor’s appointment, but I just need to watch what I eat and calm down on the stress.
  • I have a ridiculous amount of stress in my life for someone my age.  I really do need a vacation and to calm down.  Thank God for that motorcycle and its calming rides.  Nothing like 30 second miles (do the math for the speed) to sooth the nerves.
  • I didn’t even attempt to watch McCain’s speech.  I know I should see both sides of the race … but eh.
  • I’m loving twitter.  I can send these little updates about the randomness of my life to everyone who wants to follow.  I’ll probably earn me a couple stalkers … but eh.
  • Last week I made big plans to go out tonight … now I have no desire. None at all.  Just want to go to sleep early and chill.
  • As a result of this ulcer, I’m not supposed to drink so much alcohol.  What the Hell!!!  It makes me want a beer so much more … sigh.
  • The “Thursday Features” seem to be a big hit.  I am looking for more submissions … so email me at with that hidden blog world gold that I’ve been missing.
  • Redskins lost.  F*ck!
  • I wish BET Uncut was still on the air.  It would really hit the spot right now.
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That’s it for me.  Your turn.