Alpha Fraternity IncLove us or Hate us … the black dating pool is filled with members of Black Greek Letter Organizations (BGLOs) and it’s not going to change.

I am a member of the Oldest, Boldest, and Coldest (in addition to first) of the BGLOs … Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. … so I can speak on the subject.

This little fact has had a great impact on my dating life … positive and negative.  In some cases it has played a role in the demise my potential relationships, in other cases it became one of the only reasons me and the other person continued to interact.  I personally don’t let it affect my ultimate decision about a person … but that’s me.  Some people feel just as strongly about my affiliation as I feel about women who voted for George W. Bush (*shivers*).

The feelings toward dating and BGLOs can be summed up as such …

  • They don’t care.
  • They hate those who made the decision to join a BGLO.
  • Have strong preferences over which organization you joined (e.g. I love me some Sexy & Smart Alphas, but can’t stand them arrogant Kappas)
  • They prefer someone who joined a BGLO … anyone.
  • They are ride or die committed to marrying someone from their Brother/Sister Organization (I can’t stand these people.  Got two line brothers like this).
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**Note** These still apply whether or not you are a member of a BGLO yourself of not.

Where do I fall in all of this? Well …I have slight preferences but not strong ones.  I know some people are going to be mad … but I sure do love me a Delta women.  My dating history has shown that they are all crazy (ALL OF THEM!) … but I just can’t stay away.  Sorry Sorors …

Several times I have “earned points” for being an Alpha … while, on the other hand, one person directly told me “If we get married you will have to give up your letters”.


People … “Why So Serious?”.

I will say I can’t stand people who are ignorant of the personal importance these organizations hold to us members.  You should not date or not date me because of my affiliation.  I was a good person before I joined and I am still a good man (although a bit more Ice Cold) afterward.

There is one valid reason I see for really being hard set on a preference … just one.  That is … to avoid dealing with the ignorance.  One person demanded that I tell her my frat’s secrets and show her the handshake.  If I could bottle the “B*tch you must be dumb & crazy” look that I gave her … it would truly be something to behold.  Having to explain why you did it, why your active, and why my car will always be black can be annoying … just like when I explained to my white college roommate about the “stocking” I wore on my head and what waves were.

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That being said … know that a Greek Affiliation will not protect you from the following dating pitfalls

  • The Selfish B*tch
  • The No-Good N***a
  • The Chronic Cheater
  • The Dumb as Rocks Bimbo/Mimbo
  • The Super Arrogant Sumb*tch
  • The “I don’t give Head” Anomaly (They need to be exterminated BTW)
  • The Drama Queen
  • The Incarnation of Pure Evil Brimming with “Black Goo

So if your a BGLO member, shout out your Org.  If you really think those sterotypes are going to ensure happiness, let me know.  And if you want to just reiterate why Alpha’s are great … don’t let me stop you!

But I gotta say it again … I sure do love me a Delta (and their still crazy).