Every once in a while, you stumble across something and find yourself saying, “Damn … stop simping … were we separated at birth?” That’s how I felt when I came across the blog of Mr. Swagger. While the comments section has shown me that there are other fellow simp slayers out there, it’s always refreshing when someone takes the time to really point it out as a problem and discuss it at length.

Catchy Songs, Bad Messages: The Cost of Tricking

As with Mr. Swagger, while the song is catchy … I hate the premise of it.  This senseless tricking is running brothers ragged and moving money out of savings accounts and stocks into diamonds and beemers.  Sure, you can do it for the wife … but stupid songs like this become personal anthems for women who walk around listening to this sh*t all day and start making asinine demands.


BTW … you got to listen to the song at the end!

The Problem with Glorifying Simping

Stacks on Deck, Patron on Ice, We can pop bottles all night, Baby you can have whatever you like…..

Is it me or are rappers all of a sudden glorifying tricking/simping?? Currently, the most overused lyric in rap is “It ain’t tricking if you got it!” Wayne says “Got Money”. Luda says it in his new song “I know what dem girls like”. Nelly even said it back in the day in “Drop-down and Get Your Eagle” or whatever the hell that song was called.

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It’s Still Tricking if You Got It

There are countless other examples. My whole point is it’s STILL tricking if you got it. The only exception to the rule is if you’re caking like Luda (14 mil), Wayne (13 mil), or Tip (13 mil) (According to Forbes) If you are then by all means trick away. But you’re probably not since millionaires don’t have time to check blogs lol. So the following applies to you…….Stop going to the club making it rain, popping bottles, and buying random hoes drinks trying to impress them, and then you get mad when you can’t pay your car note.

Embrace the Miss Independent Mindset

If she ain’t wifey, you should be trying to come out of pocket as little as possible. Stop simping. That’s why currently one of my favorite songs is Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent.” That’s the type of woman we should all aspire to acquire. And don’t be fooled either; there’ll be plenty of chicks at the club saying, “This is my jam!” and going all crazy when the song comes on, and afterward have the nerve to be like, “I’m thirsty.” Ya, independent ass needs to buy yourself a drink then lol.

PS This is the song TI should have made lol…..