Another week … another Friday … another set of rantings

  • Its been a looooooonngggggg ass week.  The job ranks #1 in the list of causes for this.  The blog hasn’t caused too much drama as of late … seems like people are learning to get along.  Go figure.
  • Comments been going crazy.  171, 400+, 200+, 300+ … nuts.  I have nowhere near enough time to really keep up with all of them … but I come in and keep up when I can.  Damn near more interesting than my posts … lol.
  • I really have to thank everyone for the love I’ve been getting.  Actually helps me get through the days and gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  Group Hug everyone …
  • I’m not going to work tomorrow to go to a convention over at my alma mater.  Really looking forward to it.  Should really help and put a little motivation in my personal pursuits.
  • I really hate Simps and Tricking.  More than ever.  The terms will never get old and they will never be played.  Hell … as time goes on it seems they get more and more relevant.  These sad sad individuals are messing up the game for us real guys out here.
  • Why is not wanting to waste money on drinks for random chicks an issue?  I mean … if I’m standing in line and chatting with the chick at McDonalds, should I pay for her #5 because I’m trying to get the number.  And I swear if one more chic says some stupic sh*t about “you shouldn’t be sweating $10 anyways … don’t you got money” … yeah chic … I got money!  I worked hard for it and why am I wasting it!
  • I officially stopped sleeping.  I think I got 6.5 hours one night this week.
  • The plan is for a big redesign of the site this weekend.  Will it happen … maybe … but lets hope I’m not lazy and don’t do it too big this weekend.  I do got plans … just nothing crazy.
  • Speaking of tricking and whatnot … Junior over at Seven Strangers talks about the problems of these chickheaded individuals.  I liked it.
  • “Chicken Chicken … Chicken Heads”.  Project Pat has been and still is one of my favorite rappers.  He was one of the first to let the world know about these chicken heads.
  • If you haven’t added me on MySpace yet ( … do it now … why you fakin?
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That’s it for me.  I’m up at 12:45am still doing work … but I’m living.