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One thing I have heard from women throughout my entire life is “Me and him are just friends”.

Yes … a man and a woman … friends … sure.

Now … there are a million and one reasons why this is absolutely asinine (90% of the time).  First you have the simple fact that a platonic friendship requires for both parties to be interested in just friendship.  If he wants to and is willing to have sex with you … how is that a true friendship?  Then you have the innate physical attraction and desire that has kept the human race procreating for thousands of years.  I could go on and on … but that’s all for another post on another day.

I am here to focus on a simple test that I developed years ago to help women, once and for all, determine if “we’re just friends”.  Something I have aptly named … The Trench Coat Test.

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Now, this is a test that a woman can perform on a man to in order to determine their “friendship” status.  A man could in theory attempt this same test … but I have very little confidence that it would work.

So … on to the test.

These instructions are written for the women.  Take one of your so called “male friends”, follow these directions to the letter, and monitor the reaction.  If he fails, (which 90% of men will) … then he is obviously not your friend.  if he passes … then its pretty safe to say that is your good buddy for life.

So … again … the test:

  1. In your own house far away from the target male … get ass naked.  Optionally, you can put on some extremely revealing and sexy lingerie.
  2. Get a full length trench coat that covers from your neck down to your ankles and put it on … making sure to cover your entire body.
  3. Got to the target’s house.
  4. As he opens the door … open trench coat.
  5. Say two words … and only two words … “Take me”.

That’s it.  Simply ain’t it.  There are a million and one ways for the guy to fail.  First, he could “take you”.  He could just kiss you.  Maybe he will give or attempt to get some head.  Even if he just grabs a tittie … he fails!

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The point is there is only one … and simply one way for him to pass the test:

He responds with … “No … I don’t want to ruin the friendship”.  Or some variation thereof.

That’s it.  Pretty simple test right.

No … go out and test the strength of your so-called “friendship”.  See if that guy who you claim is “like a brother” isn’t willing to wear out that backside make gently and sweet love to you.  Go ahead … go out and test these n****s.  Come back on over to SBM and let the fam know how it went.

It’s cool … I’ll  wait.