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The Illusion of Perfection

She is beautiful, gorgeous, and just sooooooo sexy.  You look at her and think, “how did God craft a creature so perfect … and then bless me with her.”  You worship every part of her body … her well-curved hips, her pouty lips that beg to be kissed, her impeccable belly button that you feel the need to visit every night, the soft skin that you love to touch and caress, and those eyes that allow you to look deep into and lose yourself.  She is the prototype in every way … and her beauty is matched by none.  You see her through those rose tinted “love goggles.”

Seeing Through Love Goggles

Sad thing … all your friends with their regular “shades” see her for the 300 pound, bald headed, hair legged, abomination of nature that she really is (with a lopsided titty).

Yes, I love goggles, also known as the “Shallow Hal” effect.

Love’s Power to Transform Perception

I can’t speak for everyone … but I know for me … when I really really like someone … and truly when I love them … can’t anyone tell me she isn’t a dime?  Everything about her body is beautiful to me.  Every curve of her body, her eyes, her lips, her thighs … even her p*ssy lady parts becomes something to behold.

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I have actually met a girl who I thought was mildly attractive … well … not attractive at all … and then become so engrossed with her personality and being that she soon became gorgeous in my eyes.

On the other hand … it’s a telltale way for me to determine when I’m over someone.  I will actually look at an old picture and that feeling of “wow … you’re so beautiful” turns into “gotdamn … what was I thinking? I’ve got to stay off the drugs alcohol bad judgements”  Suddenly my personal Halle Berry turns into a regular low budget Missy Elliot (sorry ya’ll … she’s not cute).

The Benefits and Truth Behind Love Goggles

Love goggles … they are very powerful tools and I love mine so very much.  It allows me not to be consumed by the phat a$$es and big titties pleasing aesthetics I see every day when I’m committed to someone and focus on that special someone … because their beauty and sex appeal trump all others.

And I forgot the x-ray powers that love goggles give you.  If someone could see through Halle Berry’s blinding beauty (yes ya’ll … she really is that fine) and see the true craziness beneath … then they are doing their job.  These goggles will expose that firm-breasted, onion booty model that just walked by for the bubble headed, hood rattish, golddigger that lies beneath.

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Do you own a pair of love goggles?

Next time … the “her body is so good that I don’t care is she is stealing from me, sleeping with my brother, and calls me gay” glasses.