Whew … what a past few days.  Those of the fam who follow the day to day drama on here know its been a little crazy.  The comments section got shut down temporarily while I gained some focus in life … but it should be good now.  I really want to encourage all the lurkers who have been turned off by the unwieldy and exclusive nature of the comments section to come on back and speak.  I’ve decided to take an active role in maintaining a healthy comment section ABOUT THE POST … and will soon add a forum to encourage talks for the day to day randomness … expect that next week.

So … for my rants … well I only have one … a little story about a person I know.

Let me preface this by I hate liars.

I have lied myself and will probably lie in the future … but I try and keep it within a normal level.  But some lies you discover … and they just make a person seem crazy.

So … I came across a blog one day.  I liked the content and decided to subscribe and follow.  I would go over … comment … and interact with their readers.

Soon … I started to notice some things.  First I realized some of the commenters came from another blog that I had been introduced to by someone I used to date and still talked to regularly.  Lets call this person … BT.  So I go and ask BT … “hey … do you know this new blogger” just to be told “no … I don’t know her”.  OK … I move on.

This new blogger finds my site shortly after and starts commenting.  She is welcomed with open arms to the family.

Soon … I start notice the usage of these really off-brand words that BT used to say during our 7 month on and off dating/sex stint.  Words I have never heard any other person use.  In addition, this blogger, RD, seems to know me very very well … claiming she obtained all her information through my site.  I mean stuff I don’t write or comment on.

So I email this person saying “you remind me of this girl I used to date.  Did you go to X university or know anyone from there”.  I hear back shortly … “I went you Y down the street.  Maybe I know her, but who knows”.

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OK … who cares.

Weeks pass …

Soon … RD takes an interest in another commenter on this site.  This commenter is good personal friend of mine, TK.  TK calls me “I’m trying to get at RD from your site.  What’s up with her … I think I like her.  We been chatting over email … but let me know what you know”.  I tell him “go for it” and that I think she is friends with lover turned friend BT … and I tell him I’ll go ask about her … as a good friend does.

Before the conversation ends … TK tells me this girls heights and measurements … I think … “huh … reminds me of this girl I used to date …”

I talk to BT about RD … saying “TK is interested and they’re talking over email right now”.  I ask all about her.  She goes and finds out the real identity of RD, but can’t tell it to me because RD wants to remain anonymous.  I push … but BT wont’ budge.  She says this person just starting working at the same company and now lives with her temporarily.  She invites me and TK to a party (which we don’t go to) and says my friend should date RD.  End of that … I relay the information to TK.

All the while I am investigating for my friend … more and more seems out of place.  Me and BT talk on IM a lot … on two separate occasions I notice that conversations I have with BT end up as blog posts on RD’s website.  When I ask BT about this and jokingly claim “your RD aren’t you” … I hear “your so crazy SBM … no I’m not.  She is my friend and we talk.”

Not letting sh*t go … I go through my comments.  BT posted one comment ever using her real name … leaving me an IP.  The IP address is the exact same as RD’s. Hmmmmmm

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**For the non nerdy, every computer on the internet has a unique identifier called an IP address.  By itself, it doesn’t tell a whole lot … but its like a fingerprint you leave on any website you visit**

I ask BT … she says “we work in the same building and she lives at my house … so we’re using the same internet”.  Sure … I bite … OK … fine.

Weeks pass …

BT blows up at me over IM.  Making insults to my character, saying I’m a bad person, and the usual sumbitches and whatnot.  There is a specific word she called me that day … a term she coined on the fly.

The next day RD writes an entire post about it.

At this point … I’m like WTF.

I call TK.  “You remember RD from the blog right?” “Yeah” he responds. “What ever happened to her … because I think she is falsifying her identity”. “Really? She gave me her name and phone number”.

Her name is …

Pause … RD has told me over email she is not BT.  BT has told me repeatedly she is not RD and is adamant about this fact.  Peaking into the future … RD later launches a full on assault on my character because I think she is BT.

Back to the story …


WTF … this person has the exact same name.

“OMG man … thats her name … whats her phone number”

We take turns completing BT’s cell phone number.  BT’s cell number in my phone is listed as RD’s cell number in his.

“I say … are you sure man … are you sure that’s her”.  TK says “Yeah … I called 3 times … the voicemail says ‘this is BT … leave a message’.  I’m sure that’s her name”.

How is it that RD just so happened to give TK the EXACT SAME NAME AND NUMBER as BT, while attempting to arrange a date?  Why is it that RD is adamant about not being BT … to the point where she publically attacks my character and calls me emotional?  Why?

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What type of person creates a fake persona, brings this persona to my site with a fake back story, emails me from this fake person’s email address, and then goes and holla’s at my friend as this fake person … all while the real person creates some crazy story about their mystery friend?

Let’s Recap.

  • Same phone number
  • Same first name
  • Same height and measurements
  • RD Blog posts pertaining to talks with BT
  • Same IP address
  • Same diction

I will admit … I could be wrong.  RD may just have been playing some game and gave TK her “friends” name and phone number as a joke.  If that was the case and can be proved … I’m sorry.  Until then … RD is blocked (and ya’ll n****s in the comments know who I’m talking about) … and I’m done with this situation.

The only reason I tell this story is because RD has tried hard to make me seem like some crazed lunatic becuase she got blocked from my site.  I wasn’t going to confront her or say anything (just block her) … but how do you do some dumb shit like this … and get mad your ass got caught and blocked.  Why are you pretending to be two people? Why are you emailing me from two different email accounts?

This same person, BT, found my site while we were dating.  She asked me offline “are you SBM” … I told her yes.  Apparently returning the favor was too much.

The closing of the comment sections had nothing to do with this … that was a result of complaints from readers.

It didn’t have to go here … but when you want to publically insult me and try and rally people around this fake persona and call me crazy … you get put on blast.

I actually got more evidence … but this is like my longest post ever already.

Whew … I feel gotdamn better … now ya’ll go ahead …