I hate romantic comedies.

I mean I really really hate these movies … and I’ve seen enough of them to justify my hatred.

Now … they aren’t bad to watch.  Sometimes you have good actors in funny situations that are actually humorous.  In terms of pure entertainment … while a lot of them are sappy chic flicks … there are some that were actually worth watching.  Obviously I find the African-American ones more interesting … but there is something inherently flawed with the entire genre.

Romantic Comedies perpetuate and encourage a false reality that doesn’t exist in this universe!

Basically … the sh*t is fake!

Where in the world besides these stupid a$$ movies does the guy always get the girl no matter how nerdy, dumb, broke, idiotic, or after giving up chance after chance at said prized girl.  In these movies there is usually some “problem” keeping the two people who want to be together from being with each other.  Through some laughs, and a few emotional moments … love always finds a way … and the movie ends with a shot of these two people kissing in each others embrace.

But there are a couple of things that are just never addressed:

We never see what happens after …

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So we are to believe that although you stole this girl from your best friend … or that you broke up her 15 year marriage because you “realized” that you loved her … everything just ends happily ever after?  In a good amount of these movies … you have two people who honestly have no business being together.  They literally take a Sarah Palin supporter and Barack’s campaign manager … throw in some cancer and a cure … and suddenly they are in love.  Are we supposed to believe that these differences never come up again?  Are we gonna believe that when he comes home from the strip club smelling like “Chardonnay” … she is still so in love?

The guy always gets the girl

If this sh*t didn’t f*ck up my dating expectations for several years of my life … I don’t know what did.  You would have the shyest … nerdiest … “I nut my pants when she gets close” type of guy who manages to woo and win the star cheerleader.  In real life … you know that happens … the guy is a loser … and he doesn’t get Brenda the head cheerleader.  He gets Bertha … the chick from Band class who wheezes … while Brenda goes home with Bret … the wide receiver.

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Love conquers all and no one needs to work

This is the single worst result of romantic comedies, fairy tales, romance novels, and Tyler Perry movies.  You know have all these people thinking “love will just find me and sweep me off my feet.  All I gotta do is pray and be there.”  There is rarely, if any, acknowledgment that it takes hard work and dedication to keep a relationship going.  This has made a large population of people incredibly lazy when it comes to love and relationships.  So sad …

There is only one benefit of one of the most asinine genre of movies (besides Kevin Smith’s gem that was Chasing Amy … although he didn’t get the girl) … and that is hope.  Yes … these stupid movies have been there to comfort after loses and help give hope to couples who will obviously break-up … they will have another 2 hours of happiness before the fight in the car ride home.

When I’m president … that’s gonna be the third thing to go (right after women who don’t give head and Soulja Boy Tell Em’).