It seems the big thing nowadays is to “hedge your bets” … “play the field” … date like there is no tomorrow.

Comeback Girl is a fan … and so are The Fatales.

But I … I cannot subscribe to this philosophy … I just can’t

Remember when you were back in school (college, high school … whatever).  You just got finished leaving your girlfriends house after getting a little something to “help you focus” … and you head home to go work on the 3 papers you have due in two days.  You sit and think of how your going to finish all these papers and get a passign grade … because although your mom is 3 hours away … she will drive down and beat your natural black ass if you waste the money she is paying for tuition by failing these classes.  What to do … ?

You got two options …

One … you could work on all three papers at the same time.  Write 3 sentences for a paper … and then switch to the next until you have finished all three … researching each three sentences for each paper and keeping all 9 books your using out.

Two … you could knock the papers out one at a time … focusing your energy on researching and writing one paper before moving to the next … only keeping the 3 boks needed for a paper open at any time.

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Now … if you selected option one … moms is gonna whoop your ass … and then pops might get in that ass too for being stupid enough for not focusing on one thing at a time.

OK … maybe that wasn’t the best analogy … but the other example I thought of included trying to give 3 women an orgasm simultaneously … and since I have a potty mouth (as everyone and their mom wants to tell me) … I tried to keep it clean.

There are a couple big reasons why there is a such thing as “dating too many people” …

You don’t take sh*t from anyone

I know this sounds like a good thing … but every good person is going to have some faults.  If you know that you have 3 others waiting in the woodworks … suddenly that ketchup stain on the shirt goes from slight irritating to “why the f*ck does this n***a/b***h take their ass to the dry cleaners”.  

Can’t give anyone enough time

It takes time to get to know a person.  Phone calls, emails, text messages, and dates.  If you are doing this with 5 people at the same time … how are they going to get the time they need.  I would say maybe … 2 at most … otherwise everyone is gonna suffer.

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Sleeping with multiple people is … uh .. gross or somethng

Yeah … I’m a guy … and I said it.  I personally don’t like sleeping with multiple people at the same time … nor do I like sleeping with someone who is sleeping with a bunch of other people.  I don’t wanna taste no one else … yeah … that’s the biggest.  If these people suddenly become “stars” and sex comes into play … that’s trifling.

So … keep the numbers low.  Cut your team down to 2 … and actaully try and focus on a motherf*cker.

This applies to both men and women.  Heed mmy words … your life will be easier.