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My life is filled with and run by an elaborate set of physical and mental lists …

  • Who am I going out with tonight?
  • What stocks am I watching?
  • What do I need from the supermarket?
  • What are the projects I need to work on this month?
  • What do I need to accomplish in the next 1/5/10 years?

And on and on …

One list that remains short and non-essential is:

  • What I want in a potential mate?

Now I know across some other sites (here and here) this is the “hot thing” and 10 page lists from women including height, p*nis length, and whether or not his second toe is longer than their big toe are the norm … they aren’t with me.  I have spoken against these chronic list writers before … but some things are too important to not revisit.

There are a couple reasons to really have a list.  If your older and time is running short, then you might not have time to be “wasting”.  But … even in this case … you have to be 100% sure that your list is correct and you have learned from ALL your life lessons in determining what you want … because if just one thing is wrong … you’ll forever have failed relationships as you keep looking for the wrong thing.

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And this alludes to the single biggest problem with making these “lists” …

People really don’t know themselves

Yes … your a** really doesn’t know your a** that well.

Now I know others might know themselves better than I know myself (I keep surprising myself with new things every other day), but I am overly convinced that everyone has two personal lists:

Things they think they like/want/love … and … Things they actually like/want/love.

Don’t you remember when you were a kid and swore up and down that you hated pickles (although you never ate them).  You focused your life for years with the premise that pickles were the devil.  Then one day you picked up a burger from your local fast food spot, and without realizing there were pickles in it … you bit into it and liked it … now suddenly your a fan.

Or what about the guy that said “let me put it somewhere new” … and now your a fiend.

My point … simple stated … keep yourself open.  As you experience things, you will figure out (at the time) whether you like it or not.

Eat some sushi … if it tastes bad … big loss … that $5 investment confirmed that you didn’t like it.
Date someone with a kid … if it doesn’t work out … then it didn’t
Date a chick with a weave (I hate weaves, but still date weave wearers) … you might find out its not that big of a deal.
Go ahead and wife that chick who won’t give head … she might … errr … scratch that … tell her to kill herself.

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Anyways … I leave you with this … live life … stop discriminating.

You know who else determines the people they associate with according to a list of physical features … RACISTS!  Stop hating with your bigot a**.

The End