Tyra Banks: An Angel

Tyra Banks: An Angel

“Man … she’s sexy as hell”
“What are you talking about … she’s OK”
“She got a$$, perfect breasts, and some sexy legs”
“Her face is jacked, and she just got on some low cut stuff showing her titties off”
“You telling me you wouldn’t smash?”
“Yeah … but I wouldn’t let her set foot in my Dad’s house.  She is smash only!”
“She looks like a Buffy The Body”
“Yeah … a low budget version.  Gimme Tyra any day!”

This one is for the women …

Ever wonder why guys don’t take you serious?
Ever wonder why guys always seem willing to take you home for the night, but not out to dinner?
Ever wonder why you always hear “your so sexy … lemme just stick a finger in that a$$” instead of “your so beautiful … I wanna drink your bathwater”?

Well … your appealing to the wrong “prototype”.  Let me explain.  Come close … looka here …

When it comes to judging sexiness, prettiness, and beauty … we have 3 main prototypes we judge against.  Being classified in the wrong group can be detrimental to your goals … and we don’t want that.

So … SBM presents to you … The Three Prototypes of Beauty (from least respectable to most)

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The Porn Star

The Porn Star is the ultimate incarnation of sex.  She isn’t always pretty, and might not be beautiful in the classic sense … but she represents the perfect f*ck.  Her body is built for perfect sex.  That differs for each man (a big booty, breasts perfect to grab, nipples made for sucking, a strong backside … whatever) … but it represents everything that makes sex enjoyable.  It is a body built for function … not necessarily something to watch and behold … but something you grab and “enjoy”.

The Stripper

A stripper is built to be visually appealing … nude.  She represents everything that we find sexy … maybe beautiful too … but sexy is key.  Just looking at will have our “nature rising”.  No part of her is imperfect.  She smells good, hair is perfect, make up is immaculate, her clothes hug her in all the right places.  This person is just sexy through and through … she doesn’t make you think about taking her to dinner, or meeting your parents … but she is just a sight to behold.  You could also call this one the “video ho”.

The Angel (aka The Mother)

She embodies beauty.  You see her and you damn near lose your breathe.  You don’t think about smashing or sex, your mind doesn’t think about “I wonder how she would look naked swinging on a pole” … no … you think about her birthing your children, meeting you parents, and moving behind that white picket fence with you.  She is wifey!  She can’t be too sexy … because then you would just think of sex all the time … she is just the right balance.  Perfect …

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So … those of you walking around looking like a stripper, or with that Porn Star appeal to you … that’s why men keep throwing dollar bills at you and aren’t trying to put a ring on your finger (well … you know its more complicated than that …).

Crossing categories isn’t hard.  Although some “strippers” will never be angels  … and some angels couldn’t be “porn stars” even if they tried … it can be done.  And don’t think we don’t marry strippers … and even a porn star can be made into a housewife … but that’s not the goal.

One day I’ll find my angel …