Friday … yeah!

  • I’m slowly becoming convinced that blogging will lead to an early demise.  Damn shame really.
  • I’m coming to realize (less slowly than the above point) that I have yet to master the art of keeping my life drama free … whether it be electronic or not.  I guess its one of those things that just comes with age.
  • As of late I’ve really just been contemplating my career, my life goals, what I have accomplished, and what I need to accomplish.  Its been a lot of deep thinking going on over here.  I think the plan is starting to take form and we may have a plan for the next 12 months (version 1.0 that is) … coming soon.  Maybe in like a weeks time.
  • I hate the fact that I’m learning to form utter disdain (damn near hatred) for certain individuals.  Its tough too … because I feel justified in my hatred … but then I kind of feel like the only one who can see the obvious reasons why they should be hated … which makes me doubt my hatred.  Crazy …
  • I need a vacation … and I need one bad.
  • I’m planning my vacation … and its looks like it might be great.  I always have to do the planning because of my anal obsession with details … but at least things go the way I desire.
  • I’m not doing anymore Throwback posts (for the foreseeable future) and I might suspend the Thursday features for a minute.
  • I want to say something positive now … uuuhhhhh … Oh yeah … I got a new phone.  Its working out pretty well.  Just got 3G coverage in my city … I’m am feeling the new phone!
  • I think I’m getting soft.  Either that or I’m just thinking too much.  I no longer have the reckless abandonment for life as I did in my youth (1.5 years ago).  I feel all old … and I don’t like it!
  • I have rediscovered how great “Sippin on some Syrup” is.  To quote the late Pimp C “we eat so many shrimp … I got Iodine poisoning”.
  • I’m gonna go listen to My Dougie bout 10 times, call my people’s, make a mess of myself this weekend, exercise my ACM (Anti-Celibacy Movement) membership card, and get myself right.
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I’m done … I know you got something you wanna get out