I’m feeling good this week.  I’m not sure who exactly decided that rantings had to be a bad thing … personally it just means whatever is on my mind.  My mind is on happy things … so these rantings are good (in general).

  • I still can’t believe Barack won.  Sure it seemed apparent … but its just too much to even take in.  As a result … this is the best week ever.
  • Celebrating in the streets of DC reminded me of college (Unv of MD had its share of riots) and also reminded me how old I am.  But most importantly, it was pure fun.  The energy of the city was just ridiculous, and it was all positive.  The crowd was so mixed (not just race … but class and status) and every was just happy and united.
  • I feel that I have successfully purged some poison from my life and I feel a lot better.  Its like you try and rid yourself of said bad thing/person/substance … but sometimes it just won’t go.  Then one day, you let em know … and you feel good.
  • Made it to the gym this week after a much too long hiatus.  Focused and trying to make up for some slacking as of late … but feeling good about the plan. If Barack did the work to get to the White House … then I can get back to working out.
  • I don’t know why … but I’m in a good mood.
  • I have been thinking about my future plans for the next couple months and years and I feel good about it.  I really think that if I stick to things … everything will be good … and I’ll be posed for greatness (my personal goal in life).
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That’s me … I’m good