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I think a person’s past will tell you a lot about that person.  I understand that people change and all that good sh*t … but not that much.

It’s been published that I am a fan of knowing the “magic number” of a potential mate.

What is the magic number … duh … how many people have caught the bidness in your lifetime.

When it came to determining the “ho status” of a woman … I talked about the number.  When it came to what you need to know before proposing … I talked about the number.

But … this magical number isn’t it.  Oh no … there is another number even more important … and even better indicator of hoedom … an even better test for the person your thinking about marrying.  I’m talking about the …

Magic Ratio

Not the Golden Ratio (for you art and math majors) … I’m talking about something so much more important.

This magic ratio is practically a number that defines how much of a hoe or slut said guy or gal has been.  Sure I know that people shouldn’t be judged by their past and all that nonsense … but people are only going to change within a certain amount.  The Magic Ratio is just another tool to help you determine if you really want to deal with this person.

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Calculating this number is easy and hard at the same time.  So the actualy equation is easy …

Magic Ratio = Number of Jumpoffs / Number of Total Sex Partners

That’s it … simple right …

Well … what constitutes a jumpoff?

That … is an exact science.  Most people would consider one night stands and anyone you slept with just one time … but suppose something starts off as a one night stand … but it actually works out (hey … it could happen).  Suppose it’s a friend who you just sleep with.  Suppose it’s someone you trust … but you are literally using them for just sex.  Suppose it’s the “other women” … how are ya to tell?

Personally … one rule is all ya neeed … again … simple.  If you didn’t date … or the ratio of dates to sex was 4 to 1 or greater … than it counts as a jumpoff.  Sure … there are a million and one nuances (He lived out of town … so we didn’t go out.  I was broke … so couldn’t afford a date … etc) … but u know if it was a jumpoff situation.

Now … you got this number.  But what defines a hoe vs. a saint.  Sure Cherokee and Jenna Jameson are gonna be at like 90% … but so might that chic who was just “having fun” in college.

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Anything over 50% … slore!

Ok … slore was a bit harsh … but if most of your sex partners have been jumpoffs … that’s not a good look.

But taken into account with the “magic number” of sex partners … and you can have a good idea if your potential spouse was running through college sucking & f*cking every n***a walking “sexually empowering herself” or is she has been a good girl.

**Note** … These numbers are just indicators of the past … which can’t predict the future … but it damn sure has some correlation.

So … what’s your thoughts on the ratio?  Is the magic number more important or the ratio?