Leader of the Female Empowerment Movement

Leader of the Female Empowerment Movement

My musical tastes have been discussed a lot.  Sure … I love me some chopped & screwed music … but I’m not so one dimensional.

As of late … I started listening to the radio.  This was mainly brought about because I had absolutely no idea why every woman kept saying “If you like it … put a ring on it”.

So as I listen to the radio I’m just blasted by all these songs with a similar theme.

First Beyonce revels me with “Single Ladies” aka “Put a Ring On It” and I get told that apparently if you like a woman (yeah … just like her) … then I need to propose.  Also seems to hint that guys out here just aren’t willing to propose or commit … and its a general “F*ck him girl” vibe that I get.

Next … Beyonce is back with “Like a Boy“.  Now she is saying that if she was a dude … she could be grimy, distant, and a cheater … because apparently all of us guys are just horrible people.  This reminded me of something I heard before …

Ciara did the whole “Like a Boy” thing a while back … saying the same thing.  Apparently all us guys are just horrible horrible individuals … because acting like a boy means not caring about your woman … treating her wrong … and you gotta cheat … you have to cheat!

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Then Jazmine Sullivan regales me with “Bust Your Windows” … because you know sometimes you just gotta show that no good cheating guy what’s really good.  In addition, you feel empowered by how she takes power from these no good ninjas.

Now the DJ takes it back and I hear Mary J Blige tell me she is “Just Fine“.  She doesn’t need a man (which she doesn’t … I’m not knocking her) and is happy to let the world enjoy in the fact that she is fine by herself and without the drama.

Not to be outdone by the girls … Ne-Yo comes in with “Ms. Independent“.  I will say that I love the premise of this song … because I want someone who can walk like a boss and talk like a boss … but its an empowerment song.  I’ve seen a lot of woman banding together around it.

And if we start traveling back in time … I got pages of songs.  Beyonce single-handedly (between her solo career and the head of Destiny’s Child) made a small empire off these songs.  “Bills, Bills, Bills”, “Say My Name”, “Bug a Boo”. “Independent Women”, “Survivor”, “Ring the Alarm”, “To the Left” … the list goes on for days.  And she is still cranking them out … BUT BEYONCE IS MARRIED!!!  Apparently he did like it … cause he did put a ring on it.  Jay Z needs to get some order in his house.

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I just don’t understand why there is such a huge market for these “empowerment songs” …

Really … I have no problem with these songs.  I’m all for women feeling good about themselves, paying their own bills, and being strong … its sexy.  But gotdamn …

When we look to the male side … what do we have?  Uhhhh … “99 Problems” comes to mind.

Now … I don’t want to her any male empowerment songs … that’s not what I’m proposing.  Especially because people like me would take it too far.  I almost recorded “If you liked it … then you shoulda put your lips on it” over the weekend … but couldn’t get the studio time realized it was a bad idea.  And honestly … I’m not looking to be dancing at the club to the same song that is supposed to empower me to go conquer the world.

Why turn to this “pop music” for encouragement?  Why the bloody hell has Beyonce become a spokeswomen for the new millennium woman?  What’s wrong with Michelle Obama?

I part with this spoof of the “hot” Beyonce song … “You can smash it … but don’t ever put a ring on it”