I like titties.

I also have learned to appreciate booty … aka … an ass.

I have always loved black women … hell … my mama’s one!

Man … I sure wish I could have all three of those things … wrapped up nicely in a sexy little package.

Enter … Lola Luv … aka … Angel.

Look at all that ...

Fool me!

Ok, let me take a step back.  I’m supposed to be talking about something … not just verbally lusting after an ass so round and so well formed I might be tempted to simp propose.  No … this is about something bigger.

So I was lurking at my dear sister’s (no relation) blog … and while I had to calm myself at the nonsense opinion she was expressing … I did notice a discussion about the realness of women such as Lola Luv and Ester Baxter came up.  This forced me to go re-acquaint myself with these video vixens and almost get myself in trouble at work google a couple pictures of them.

As I looked at the pure prototype beauty of these two specimens … I recalled my discussion on the different types of beauty.  I thought about how these video women fell into the stripper prototype … what’s important to that prototype … and then about how I would love to cover their bodies in hot chocolate, cinnamon sugar, butter, and marshmallow sauce and just go crazy the fact that their may plastic in there.

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So … does it matter that these women may only have achieved their amazing feats of beauty (and I mean amazing) through expensive surgeries and the same material that built the computer chip in my laptop?  Should I care as a man?  Should I demand and ask for real women?

Pause … side point

When it comes to my wife, the mother of my unborn children, the person I want to introduce to my parents … The “Angel” … yes … it does matter.  I don’t want to commit myself to a lifelong commitment that was falsely constructed.  Who ever I choose for my forevership … I’m not choosing because of looks … cause those fade … but a good soul … man … that sh*t is everlasting.

Ok … back on track

So … these women are eye candy.  These are individuals whose money and lively hood are derived from their ability to visually capture my attention … who I look to for stimulation of my man parts … who convince me to buy sh*t I have no business buying … who get me to buy magazines with poorly written articles, full page ads for rims, and ads for clothes I no longer wear …

I don’t give a f*ck …

I mean … I’m not looking at Melyssa Ford and thinking “ooohhh girl … I sure want to introduce you to my parents”.

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I’m not passing by the picture of Buffie the Body and wondering what our kids will look like.

I hate to diminish these women, because they are beautiful, and they have put a lot of effort into building small empires, and I truly can’t knock their hustle … but let’s be real … their eye candy.

Have you ever watched an old sci-fi or action movie?  You look at the little model house that they blew up, or the monster that’s just a midget in a costume … and you chuckle.

Then you pop in something made in the last past 3 years on your Blu-Ray player … and you pause … and say “gotdamn”.  It’s all looks so real … and it makes the entire experience that much better.  You don’t say “thats bullsh*t … they used a computer to make that car.  Its fake!  I want my money back”.

I mean … for real … have you even seen a non airbrushed picture vs. airbrushed … ugh … fool me!

And that’s how I view these models … if a CGI robot is better than a toy model shot real close up … then a well formed and large backside that is filled with silicone is just fine with me.  If its real and looks as good .. all the better … but this is all about visuals.

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So … I can’t help but end this by repeating the old age saying … these women who complain about these fake boobs and booties … your haters.

You shouldn’t run out and hit the plastic surgeon … be happy and proud of what you got.  Flaunt it and I’ll continue to appreciate it … leave the plastic body construction to the professionals … you really are beautiful in ways these women may never ever achieve.

– SB “Where do I place my funny middle name” M