Another good week … but I’m tired and intoxicated … so don’t expect a 10 page rant about how great life is.

  • I went to a probate at my alma mater.  It made me feel old to be there, not know anyone, and actually think back to my probate.  Sigh … I miss college.
  • Met someone else … lets see what happens.
  • I finally came up with what I think might be a million dollar idea.  I mean something I need to prototype, write a business plan for, and start shopping for VC money.  Lets see what I do with it.
  • I cut back drinking this week … so tonight hit me harder than it usually would.  Now I’m so so tired.
  • Weekend looks like it might be fun … looking forward to it.  My cousin should be coming to the area.  She got some bad friends too … (yeah … I know your reading this!).
  • Finally made it out to a happy hour.  Its been a minute … but it felt good.  I will probably be caught out and about in the DC Happy Hour scene from now on … hopefully.
  • The first writer to join the SBM team (which was just me) premiered this week and I want everyone to welcome Slim Jackson.  We have another writer who will be premiering next week … so look out.
  • Next week is Thanksgiving.  I’m taking a break from work … so don’t expect the same posting schedule.  It’s vacation!
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OK … I’m still doing work and I’m tired.  I’m done … go head and let em hear ya speak.