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I want to introduce you all to another writer to join the SBM family.  Mr. Faqs currently resides out on the West Coast and is fellow Phrat.  I want you to welcome him to the “staff” (man that’s funny to say) and enjoy what this articulate brother has to say.

If we as men are not careful, we just might get ourselves caught up. When you have young ladies that spend any amount of time in your home, as a single male or committed male doing his dirt, there are certain things you must know and measures that must be taken to keep issues at a minimum. Let’s take a look below at some things that can precipitate questioning, arguments and potentially busted windows.

Personal Markers: Females – I sure hope at least – bathe and groom themselves on a daily basis. They also – I sure hope at least – clean their homes. That being said, they should be well aware of their shedding habits and at least be considerate enough to remove the strands that are in plain sight. If I can visit your home and not piss all over the toilet seat, you can do the same and not leave spilt make-up on my counter top and bath rug.

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Personal Products: Why are you shaving at my house anyway? I’m sorry malm but you just might begetting a little too comfortable. Take the fact that you got to see the inside of my shower as a privilege that’s awarded to few. You know everything that came out of your little travel bag so do me a favor and take your Veet home with you.

Personal Items: “A birthday gift from your grandmother?” If those earrings were that important to you, you wouldn’t have left them and certainly not so strategically placed at the foot of my bed wrapped between the comforter and the flat sheet.

So why is this done?

It’s not by accident …

When it comes to defining status, women are like a dog that raises his leg and pisses on a tree. Hair, pink razors and jewelry left behind are the equivalent of a urine scent, it marks the territory.

Now, I will say that those parties most often guilty of these acts are females who don’t know their role or are trying to change it. “Dudes not pushing for anything more than sex so I’ll just make myself comfortable and before he knows it, BAM! I got half the closet.”

Unfortunately for us dudes, we oft fail to recognize these tell-tell signs of pee stains on our carpet. Personal products and personal items act as a guaranteed return visit, “I think I left [xyz].” All three combines act as a way to silently tell any other females that might visit that “Yea, I was here and I made myself at home.”

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So how do you combat this? For starters, as men we must step up our housekeeping standards. For instance, if all your furniture sits up off of the ground, do a thorough cleaning underneath, as hair and other small items tend to collect and reveal themselves at inopportune times. Secondly, if you know that you have had potentially incriminating escapades recently and not had time to put things in order, don’t allow guests to roam around unattended. If her phone call upstairs is taking a little too long, check on her and make sure she doesn’t have the CSI inferred light out doing a sweep of your room. Last but not least, let your morning/mid-day/overnight company know that you would like your home respected and that you neither appreciate nor enjoy the smell and stains of urine. Before she dips, do a spot check just like moms used to before you could go outside – bed made, toys up, clothes hung.

It might sound extreme, but these are the necessary steps that must be taken in order to keep the single life as drama free as possible.