I am letting it be known now that I am taking a break from blogging along with my break from work … so you will have to find enlightenment from somewhere else this Thursday and Friday (how about your own family!).  So since there will be no rantings Friday … I’m going to do the special Thanksgiving Day edition … so you will only hear positive things today.  Also … in the essense of togetherness and what not … you will also get the thakings of Slim Jackson and Mr. FAQs, the two newest editions here at SingleBlackMale.net.

Slim Jackson

  • Having a living parent. 2008 has been a tough year. To anybody who has lost a parent/close family member, you know what I mean. If you haven’t endured such a thing, be thankful that you haven’t.
  • Employment. Even though I may not like my job and I’d rather pursue a career as a writer/blog monster or something that requires daily creativity, I’m thankful to actually have a job when so many are losing theirs’ or haven’t had one for months. Times are rough in these streets, and I ain’t tryna live on ’em.
  • Blogging/Blog Sites. Writing/commenting/reading is my outlet. In a year where I’ve had to give up a passion (Track and Field) because of work, I’m thankful to have a new outlet to keep me sane.
  • Steroids. Cuz they keep me strong and now I have an excuse for my mood swings and rather small testicles…Just kidding. Seriously, just kidding.
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Mr. FAQs

  • Thankful for this site, my probably boys are too, cuz I now got a whole new crew to worry the hell out of with my random thoughts on life. Good looks to SBM and shout out to Slim Jackson.
  • Life is great! Even though I’m married to this recession and we got like 12 kids, I’ve never been happier or more blessed.
  • Been out in LA since May 31st and I must say, one of the best decisions of life thus far.
  • I accomplished a lot in ’08 and for that, I’m thankful.
  • Thankful for fam, friends and loved ones and can’t wait to go home for the Christmas. Bout to trick all my money at every restaurant in Houston
  • I woke up the other day craving a wreck from Potbelly’s, some Cafe Asia crab won tons and Blue Duck Tavern’s mashed potatoes….man I miss DC (did I just say that?!?!)…and apparently have the appetite of a pregnant women.
  • Just got my first haircut in LA. Decided I needed to treat myself. Feeling fresh and feeling myself (pause). Some chick might get her feelings hurt in the club hahaha.


  • Life is just good … I mean … I can’t even quantify why I feel so good … the feeling has been going on for about a month … and I fear its a drug high that I’m gonna fall off of.  Maybe its the season … maybe its what I did to my car 2 months ago … maybe its the PCP … who knows. (PCP was a joke … I’m drug free!)
  • For a long time I wasn’t really meeting women of quality … but now its just not the case.  Those close to me know I’m private when it comes to the “blog world” … so I won’t elaborate.  I just wish I wasn’t so unmotivated about it all … I really need to schedule daily caking time … I got all these anytime minutes for a reason.
  • My grandmother called me a week ago and asked me “What do you want to eat for Thanksgiving?”.  I am thankful for her, my family that comes together every year, and the fact that no one asked to host dinner at my place … just because I actually got my own condo now.
  • My bike will be completely paid off for at the end of the month.  Sure … it was supposed to happen like a year ago … but that whole taking on $200K+ and all the expenses of being a homeowner pushed that one back.
  • I have a lot of family in the area … including my parents.  I am thankful I will see them all and have a big Thanksgiving dinner where I will torment my little cousins, get leftovers for a couple days, and get to be around the thick accent that my parents and cousins adopt when their around each other.
  • Lastly, I am thankful someone took my idea (yeah I am convinced they stole it from me) for the answer to Beyonce’s Single Ladies mess (“If you like it then you shoulda put your lips on it”) and actually made a song a video off it.  And in celebration of thanksgiving .. I leave you all with their video.
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