Situation 1

Dude: Baby, why dontcha turn some music on and show me what you workin wit? Let me see them dance moves you were talkin bout, less all the clothes…

Chick: *Sucks teeth* What do I like? I ain’t no ho’!

Dude: I’m just sayin, I thought it’d be kinda sexy…

Chick: Nah, I ain’t no stripper ass chick. You need to go to the club with your boys or watch one of them tapes you got in your closet if you think it’s gonna be like that!

Dude to self: No wonder I gotta slide off.

Situation 2

Dude: Why don’t you go a little further below the waist this time girl? You know I like that kinda thing…

Chick: Do I look like your ho’? I told you I don’t do that. That’s nasty. You messin’ wit the wrong one if you think it’s gonna be that kinda party!

Dude to self: I can work your inner walls, but you can’t speak into the microphone a little bit? I can be a thin layer of latex, lambskin, or polyurethane away from impregnating you, but you can’t just hug me orally? Good thing your home girl does it.

What do both of these situations have in common?


There are some women out there who think they are above and beyond certain reasonable activities for their boo or significant other. The things mentioned in the 2 scenarios are a couple of the most popular, both of which require a woman to have some confidence. I think we can all agree that confidence is sexy. The word swagger has been thrown around lately. Let’s also assume that the average woman considers herself least I hope that’s the case. Yet somehow, there’s still a good chunk of the population that feels doing either of the things mentioned above somehow indicates a lack of class.

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I mean c’mon. It’s not like we’re asking you to let us deploy the platoon on your grill (Cuz that’s what we do the jump offs regardless of what they say.) Honestly though, there aren’t many things sexier than seeing shorty work the hips with some dance moves, end up our lap, and then take us to a happy place. It’s a win-win for both parties. For the latter scenario, it’s still a win win. If the relations overall are good, one should feel good makin the boo feel good. Unfortunately, a lot of folks still don’t see it that way.

Sometimes we need a little bit more than that mean ride game or that certifiable bangin’ throw back action. There’s nothing wrong with a woman exercising her confidence in a way that goes above and beyond coitus (pronounced sex). Thinking that one is above and beyond certain activities (within reason) is not sexy. A nose up will make the piece go down. Nobody wants that. And yeah I know, it’s a two way street. But I’m just sayin, can you put that shirt next to the Prada bag and show me what you workin wit?

Thoughts? Opinions? Scenarios?

Slim “Baby why dontcha” Jackson