So the other day a chick calls me for my opinion regarding a Christmas gift. In short, it was the classic “How much is too much?”


You have two grown consenting adults that have been dating for 3.5 weeks. On Black Friday, the young lady goes to Macy’s and makes the purchase of an argyle sweater and coordinating shirt for $80 as a Christmas gift. Her friend/shopping buddy (a friend of mine), calls me saying that this gift is too personal of a gift and too expensive for a girl to buy. Her main argument was that, “It has only been three and a half weeks” and was adamant on the purchase not being made. When she wrapped up her rant by saying, “He shouldn’t be getting anything at all,” I died a little inside.

Background Information

As stated before, the two have been dating for 3.5 weeks. Also of note – couple of weeks ago, dude was on a business trip in Atlantic City. Paid for the girl to come down. Got her her own room at The Trump, covered all meals and expenses and even took her shopping. Note: It is tricking whether you or your company has got it.

Mr. FAQs Take

People, this is how you will loose someone before you can really call them your own. First and foremost do not – under any circumstances -ever put a monetary amount on a relationship (be it with family, friends or your boo). If a person means anything to you, you should be giving gifts from the heart and not the wallet. If the person cares about you in return, they will appreciate whatever it is you can afford.

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Secondly, take advice with a grain of salt. Even I know I’m wrong. I don’t give advice, I give opinions – this is my opinion. At the end of the day, it’s a decision you need to make on your own, mistakes and all. That being said, do not listen to your male/female bashing girl/dude who has been in a happy relationship for three years. Just because he/she and his/her man are both cheap, plain and simple, does not mean that the same precedence needs to be set for your budding relationship.

The concerned friend who called me – looking for me to side with her – said that a sweater and a shirt was to personal and that she should have gotten something more sentimental and cheap, like an Atlantic City shot glass. Let me just say that this is unacceptable as a gift for anyone who is not over 85 and participating in a White Elephant. Furthermore, sweater and shirt is about as generic as it gets when it comes to Christmas, birthdays or any other gift giving occasion. If the relationship is meant to go anywhere, it will be appreciated and worn, even if it is only within your presence.

Lastly, to address the argument of time – it doesn’t matter! We are about a month away from Christmas so to say it’s only been 3.5 weeks makes no sense. He wasn’t getting the gift on the spot; old girl was just trying to take advantage of a good sale. If by the 8 week mark he isn’t worthy enough for a sweater and shirt, he probably isn’t worthy enough of anything that you have been giving him either, na mean? This is also why keep the tags and receipts and get your money back if need be. I didn’t hear complaints or get calls when he was whisking her away for a weekend of tricking saying it was “only 2 weeks” so why when its his turn to be tricked on is it an issue? Give your new guy or girl who has made it pretty clear you mean something to them nothing and you will be kissing your cat on New Years Eve.

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So when out shopping in this season of gift giving, don’t harp on the cost or the gift itself if you can afford it. Instead, give from your heart and do not listen to your friends.

– Mr. FAQs