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I know, these legs aren’t Chocolate but its the Holiday Season you know this IS the movie. “F-R-A-G-I-L-E. Must be Italian.”

But your legs are so delightful…at least that’s what Eric Benet is preaching.

Its that time of year when people start talking about resolutions, goals, things they want to work on et cetera. And while I am not an advocate of New Years Resolutions per say (everyday should be continuous betterment), Mr. FAQs does have some things to work on, one being my level of affection.

I am not a fan of PDA (Public or Private). I don’t like being touched, bothered or my space being infringed upon. I am however confident that someday I will meet her and my quirks will dissipate but until then, they will continue to complicate and alienate even those towards whom I have the most ardent feelings.

Enter  Chocolate Legs by Eric Benet (Click to Listen/Download) and my hang-ups become a thing of the past in my mind. The first time I heard this song on the whip, I immediately thought, “Damn, I wish I could stand to cuddle.” Perhaps its because we both find Halle Berry attractive and are addicted to sex that makes every song this dude makes resonate, even though the subject matter is not always my practice.

This world ain’t nothing but crazy
I’m out here working trying to make it
Girl, it’s so rough in this city
There ain’t no resting for the weary
So baby feel me, I need something to feel
So my spirit can heal, babe

I need you to wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
So when I come home tonight, you’ll make everything alright
When you gon’ wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
The memory of my day will quickly just fade away
When you come wrap them chocolate legs ’round me
Please baby, wrap them chocolate legs ’round me

Ignoring the fact that I have a thing for flawless chocolate skin, I don’t think he could have worded the emotions any better. Especially in the current times we live in, what’s better than a pair of legs to make, “the memory of my day will quickly just fade away?” We’ve got a recession, job lost left and right, the fact that he’s still working at all should be reason enough to give up some Chocolate Legs.

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According to Wikipedia, as a Sagittarius my “body parts” are the hips and thighs, which only makes sense as to why I would like this track so much. Since I was given the gift of sight legs have been my thing, having come up during that 80’s mini-skirt era. The silhouette of a set of firm legs in some HEELS ———–

Excuse me, I had a moment. But yea, that’s basically what I want when I hear this song. Not to mention we’re in the midst of winter, so some legs to keep you warm aren’t all that bad. I know I’m personally living in a bat cave after getting that gas bill with the day I forgot the oven was on 500 and left for 13 hours. Lights and heat are now a luxury – from now on it sweats, hoodies and if I’m lucky, some chocolate legs.

So what songs are yall listening to too “keep warm?”

-Mr. FAQs