As Christmas draws closer and my bank account continues to dwindle, I’ve realized that I still have some shopping to do. I’m one of those people that every year waits until the last minute to get gifts for others (except wifeykins if I have one at the time). I take care of myself first on Black Friday and throughout the holiday season while all the sales are going on, then I address the gifts of family, friends, etc….unless I should happen to see sumthin on the spot that would be a great gift for one of the people I need to buy for. Sounds awful doesn’t it? I’m pretty much an only child. Sometimes it’s really gotta be about me me me. I’m a nice guy though, especially in the context of a relationship with a chick. Seriously. Don’t believe me? Let’s date for a few weeks (women only).

Only Child Syndrome aside, it seems that regardless of how well I know people that I’m one of the worst at selecting gifts.  I’d always rather someone just tell me what they want than go through the frustration joy of perusing online stores and malls in a quest for that perfect present. I love seeing the smile on someone’s face as a result of my efforts both in and outside of the bedroom. I also hear a lot of people say that it’s the thought that counts when you get someone a gift. Price tag aside, I don’t ever wanna be the person who gets somebody that awful gift that they’ll never use or wear. I don’t wanna spend hours shopping only to have my gift be returned or used in some holiday gift swap exchange at their office.

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Yeah, this may seem lazy but I’m sure most of the folks who read this blog have gotten at least 1 crappy gift from a significant other or someone else they care about. You smile and say thanks. Then you present them with an excellent gift that makes them feel simultaneously wonderful and inadequate because of what they got for you. But it’s the thought that counts ! Yeah effin right. C’mon now. Just as you remember great gifts, you’ll remember the shitty ones too.

So with that being said, what are some of the crappiest gifts you’ve received and has anybody been bold enough to call the person out on the gift? Has anybody given a crappy gift to a significant other and didn’t care? I’d suggest people make sure their current boo’s don’t visit this site. I’m not responsible or liable for any feelings gettin hurt before the New Year.

Happy Holidays & Sh*t,