Mr. FAQs

  • I’m still on my H-Town high…you don’t know what you got til its/their gone.
  • “BITCH I’m WIRED UP!” is my new theme in life…along with “bust it wide open,” “damn n*gga she just love me,” “rack daddy,” “ricky bobby” et al.
  • I need to work on being more focused and mentally and emotionally stable. I can’t seem to make up my mind or be happy with shit lately.
  • My current focus in life is to figure out how to be bi-coastal (3rd coast and west coast). We’ll see how long this lasts.
  • I need access to a private jet that I can use at my own discretion. I’m tired of airports.
  • Happy New Years and all that good ish.

Slim Jackson

  • I only worked 2 days this week. I really needed that extended vacation from Corporate America. I feel slightly rejuvenated and will be able to tolerate my co-workers just a little bit more once I go back. Then again, most of them aren’t that bad. I suppose I can tolerate the corny joke emails.
  • Didn’t do anything exciting in the streets for New Years and I’m fine with that. I think New Years is overrated. I can get drunk and yell anytime during the year and spend half the money. If anything, my New Year starts on my birthday. So I’ll be a bit more excited when that rolls around…even though I wish I could stay the same age forever.
  • 2009 is the year that I won’t have petty relationship drama. Gettin’ too old for the tomfoolery and shenanigans. I got enough stress from work, don’t need a significant other that’s gonna contribute to it.
  • Xbox 360 and Netflix will lead to a decrease in my social skills. I got both during the holiday season and my room has become a hotel suite of sorts. Folks on Twitter said I need to get away from both. I haven’t found a reason yet. Sorry guys/gals.
  • I seriously need to plan a vacation to an island that I haven’t been to before. I’m open to suggestions for places to go and places to stay and drinks to try.
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  • I’m in Atlanta right now dealing with one of the meeeeaaaaannnnneeeesssttt hangovers in a few years.  Man though … I had so much fun.  Its taking a lot out of me to sit here and write these rantings … but I just love ya’ll so much.
  • Did I mention exactly how much fun I had at “The Fox” last night.  Didn’t get in until about 1130 … but well worth the money and the trouble.
  • My feelings on the ATL now as a city are mixed.  Anyone who knows me knows I used to be obsessed with the city and was extremely close to moving there after college … but either the city has changed or I have … but I think Houston might be my next aim.
  • Going out of town (and to the south) always makes me hate the nightlife in DC more.  I mean … women here dance … and they really dance. I am dreading going back home and going somewhere with a bunch of chics standing around nursing drinks all night trying to not sweat out their weave … ugh … just thinking about it makes me not wanna go home.
  • *sigh* … gotta go get dressed and ready to go to another place tonight.  I would write more … but … still hungover from last night … and gotta go start drinking for tonight … man … my life is hard.
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